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    Default Encouraging spouse to socialize AN

    There have been several posts about encouraging your spouse or partner to try out the nude beaches. My wife and I have been to CSS Sunset beach before and enjoyed it very much, although we hung pretty much to ourselves.

    We are starting to plan a fall trip hopefully and I'm hoping we can be a little more social at the nude beach. She is still a little shy about socializing au natural. Obviously, I will never make her do something she isn't comfortable with, but what suggestions do folks have on breaking the ice and helping/encouraging her to socialize a bit more.

    Are there other couples out there where one wants to be more social and the other prefers a bit more solitude while nude? In everyday life she is usually much more social than I am.

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    It's quite easy actually. Just have some liquid courage, go to the hot tub and before you know it, people will start chatting with you. The people we met at SSB were very outgoing, not pretentious and very friendly. After 2 minutes, you will be carrying on a conversation and having a great time. It's what Couples and especially SSB is all about. Have fun!!

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    At CN, we start conversations anywhere, the bar, the water, etc. While we were there back in January, I noticed a guy had a tattoo of corvette flags. He was walking past on his way to the bar, and I struck up a conversation on our cars, or rather his lack of one, since he lost it in a divorce and I still have one. Just like at home.

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    Every week, the vibe at SSB changes slightly. Some folks want to be by themselves - whether they are shy or just want solitude. Some will grab a lounge chair near the pool or on the beach. Most wanting peace & quiet will migrate towards the beach. As a rule (again not always), those near the pool or bar, IN the pool or AT the bar, tend to be very friendly and sociable. Frostbitten is right. Grab a drink or two. Either on the way to or at SSB. If you like being around people, the pool and pool-bar are the best places for that. Besides, you will get hungry, thirsty and need to use the restroom eventually

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    These are good thoughts, but even getting her to consider the hot tub or socializing AN at the bar has been challenging.

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    It's not for everyone...give it time, and even then it may not happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsun View Post
    These are good thoughts, but even getting her to consider the hot tub or socializing AN at the bar has been challenging.
    I agree with Gatekeeper(hey buddy!) It takes time. Some people have body issues but we are not all perfect. Strip off, sit back, relax! It is great!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsun View Post
    These are good thoughts, but even getting her to consider the hot tub or socializing AN at the bar has been challenging.
    Year 1 we talked to nobody on the AN side. To be fair we generally go to enjoy each other, and didn't socialize on the textile side or anywhere else. Year 2, someone struck up the conversation with us. Then we were sucked into a larger group of people, and ended up seeing them at night on beach events and such too. We also talked more to the bartender on the AN side too.

    I guess what I'm saying is it seems that comfortabilty comes with time. Just go, and see where it goes. I found striking up discussions in the water was the easiest because you were kinda covered. Then it came easier when you were on the beach or at the bar. I'll re-affirm the nicest, most chill people were AN people.

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    I admire you for making sure she is comfortable, but why are you waiting for her to socialize a bit more? I say "lead by example". You could be making friends at the bar while waiting for your drinks. Seeing you socializing and enjoying yourself naked, should have a positive impact on her. Can't be all that bad to see her husband having fun and not having a meltdown. Right? Once you have made some friends, summon their help and invite her to hang out the bar with everyone. I'm sure one of the women would be more than happy to ask her personally to join in and assure her all is good. Your best advocates are the people that are there with you.

    If she doesn't have a problem socializing with her clothes on, then why not socialize with some of your new friends when you see them later on at the resort? Strike up a conversation with them then. She will feel much more comfortable when she sees her friends the next day on the beach. It should be a breeze for her to socialize then.
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    doncindy that's really good advice. Maybe I'll just spend a little more time at the bar and if i end up in some long conversations maybe she'll come join. The most social interactions we had last time were heading out in the water and chatting with those we passed by briefly. During the evenings last time I admit we had a bit of a hard time admitting to our table guests we had been to the nude side. Maybe we just need to arrange to sit with nude friends during evening happenings.

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    Once you become social she will too, my husband was social and always is faster than me, but he always brings my social side out pretty quick. doncindy is right, I had seen it when we went on our first trip with not only myself but other couples as well.

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    Once you accept that clothing REALLY is optional, and you are happy in your "nakedness", then you cease to care what others think. Good advice from others for YOU to socialize to get wifey to drop all of her reservations about it and for her to meet and converse with others in a 'neutral' environment. Nearly all our "textile" friends know that we are naturists and it is no big deal for them or us. When people ask where we stay in Jamaica, we simply say CTI. If they ask about the island and do we go there, we tell them, as it is no big deal for US. Oh! And we also haven't lost any friends LOL !

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    Soon it will be our 18th time to Couples, mainly CTI. When I first brought my wife on our honeymoon, I got her to try AN.

    (If you decide to try, do it early in the vacation. Since most people end up enjoying it, you will kick yourself for not trying earlier and getting more time in the sun.)

    Yes, even though my wife is a social butterfly, we started off at the more private end of the AN island. I, coming from a European upbringing was more comfortable in the nude and would have to get the drinks for her. By the end of the week, she was sitting at the swim-up bar on the island as if it was nothing. And don't worry about how you look, there are all shapes, ages and sizes. One year my wife was 7 months pregnant and still came to the An island. Now we spend most of our week at AN relaxing, at the main pool area, making lots of naked friends.


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    We met many new friends at CN. If you don't worry about yourself, others won't worry about you. It's a fun time.

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    Funny, on our honeymoon in '95 she was the one wanting to go to the pool side on the island. Now I'm the one "dragging" her over there. Actually, if there's a fun crowd or entertainment person, she steps right up still.

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    It was easy. First offer her the option of leaving if at all uncomfortable. First time, go early and select a lounge with easy access to the bathroom. Recline and enjoy the warmth of the sun and as other people arrive it's noticible that the environment is very relaxed. In our case a couple in the lounge chairs next to started a conversation and pretty soon we were in the pool walking up to the bar. Been back many times since and have made many friends.

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