Hey everyone. I posted a review of CTI on TripAdvisor on February 13th. I spend quite some time putting my review together trying not to miss a single detail of our wonderful trip. Yesterday when I signed on to look at my review some newer ones had been posted and someone had taken my review and copied it word for word minus a few minor alterations. I'm so frustrated and disappointed that someone would do that. I use the same user name "gravysgal" and the person who copied my review is "JamiefromHampton".

I'm equally frustrated because there is a contest regarding reviews of Couples Resorts on TripAdvisor until February 19th I believe. I would be quite put off if the person who stole my review actually won given that I put the "blood - sweat - and tears" into the review.

Anyway, just venting. I think the sadness of being back home away from my beloved Couples is only adding to my state. I always find it so difficult coming home from my vacations to Couples. I long to be back there again.