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    Default No Worries! (Long...sorry)

    Before our trip to CN and CTI, I went on these message boards and got a bit nervous especially when reading some reviews of CN. I read a few of the threads that talked about the staff and the vibe at CN and how it's kind of changed and not in a good way. My husband and I had just been there in January of 2009 so to hear it may have changed from what we fell in love with in just one short year...well I was a bit worried!

    All I have to say is...NO WORRIES! CN was just as we left it a year ago. With an amazing staff and just that chill vibe we needed. A lot of the staff totally remembered us from last year which I thought was cool seeing how many guests come in and out of that place! Carrie, Marlon, Franklin, Tennyson, and the rest of the bar staff were just as much fun as last year...Tennyson and Ivlyn at the pool bar kept us well hydrated and happy. Carrie and Marlon make a great comedic pair at the main bar each night. From there we would head to the Beach Grille bar until Franklin left for the night...that was our routine for seven days. And Boo Boo and Fabian (entertainment staff) just adorable!! As always, anything you want or need is "no problem". The food was just as amazing as last year and the service top notch. Even walking around the resort, staff and other guests are always smiling and saying hello. We keep telling ourselves we are going to try Mexico next year, but I really don't ever want to go anyplace else!! Here is a story a retired couple told me about why they have returned so many times (their 7th). The husband is deaf but still loves to go out in the water to kyak and such(I think he was an old Navy guy)and the wife loved the fact that the staff always made sure to keep an extra eye on him so that she could do her own thing. There was also a couple that was there from Sweeden I think, that was staying for more than a month! The bar always made sure to have plenty of non alcoholic beer for the gentleman because he doesn't drink. Now how could you possibly doubt that this is a great place to stay???

    This trip we also decided to try CTI. We were supposed to leave CN at 11 am but they had asked us to wait for the next bus to the airport and then it would go on to CTI for us...fine by us, another hour at the pool bar! The general manager saw us come back to the lobby and asked us why we weren't on our way...we told her what happened and that it was no big deal at all. Next thing we had our own bus to CTI so that we didn't have to stop at the airport. Very cool.

    So CTI...What a cool place! I'm a big fan of all things retro so I loved the South Beach feel of the place. We did find that the couples staying there seemed a bit older than in CN (I'm 40 and my hubby is 38)...probably by about 10 years or so, but that never stops us for striking up conversations. Again, I can't say enough about the staff here. We were told by the general manager at CN that 90% of the staff returned after renovations. That says a lot if you ask me. They don't make their Miami Vice's quite the same (no Blue Curacauo) but we made the adjustment...difficult I know! Some other differences...the rooms are a bit different huge closets in CTI! I do like that all the rooms at CN have a fridge but we found that the only thing we missed about not having one in CTI was a cold beer while getting ready for dinner. There are two pools at CTI, both beautiful but suprisingly hardly anyone in them! Plus the main pool is open 24 hours while at CN the pool technically closes at 7 once dinner gets going. Plus I think the main bar at CTI is open until 1 and then the piano bar until 2 (Negril it's when the last person leaves) While we did like the feel of seclusion at CTI, we did like the beach and calmer water at CN better. It's also super windy during the day but while there is no change in the water at night, the breeze on land like stops! Make sure you go to 8 Rivers at was totally worth getting dressed up! Other than that my husband thinks I'm just being nit pickey...I personally liked the food better at CN, but he loved it at both places...especially the sushi they always had durning lunch at CTI. Again, we both agree that the staff was amazing at CTI...I loved Antoinette at the bar and the genteleman at the gym totally took the time to show me some new stuff! Then there is Niko in the gift shop along the beach...hands down the best espresso ever! Just wish he was there longer! We also loved sitting outside by the lobby over looking the ocean and smoking a cigar each night. The only other thing we both noticed and commented on was that the guests seemed a bit more reserved at CTI. We still found that most people were easy to strike up conversations with, but at CN it's like everyone is in such a good mood and always saying hello as you pass. Silly thing to notice but we did!

    I think most people feel that the first resort they visit is their home and we totally feel like Negril is ours. We want to check out the other two Couples but we will for sure do it the same way...most of the trip in Negril and then a few days at the other resort.

    Regardless, you can't go wrong with Couples. You want for nothing the entire time you are there. You are spoiled from the time you arrive and you decide you never want to leave. I hope we are always fortunate enough to be able to afford to return to Jamaica and Couples.

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    Beautiful review and so honest to boot. Little doubt that your heart belongs to CN, yet you gave CTI many props in many regards. We're doing our trip in reverse - CTI, then CN. So I'm always keen on reading reviews for either of these two wonderful resorts. When someone visits both in the same trip, then it's off the charts for me!!

    Thanks again, it made for a most pleasurable reading.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Great review!! Thanks for sharing We LOVE CTI....evidentally Sheldon wasn't working the piano bar when you were there, we closed it at around 4am three nights while we were there!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkhiattky View Post
    Great review!! Thanks for sharing We LOVE CTI....evidentally Sheldon wasn't working the piano bar when you were there, we closed it at around 4am three nights while we were there!!!
    That's because you and Bryan are a couple of party animals.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    We've been to CN 3 times and decided to try CTI which turned out to not be our cup of tea, but while we were at CTI we headed over to CSS for the day and fell in love with the place. You should give CSS a try. Next year we are doing both CN & CSS for a week each.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    my husband keeps saying he wants to try Barbados but I'm not going for it! We did decide when we do go back to Jamaica it will be CN & CSS. I did put my foot down that we always have to at least stay at CN...we can do a day pass to CSA but I have to stay at CN!!

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