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    I am considering booking a vacation at CN. My husband really wants to see Negril. We have been to CSS once and we are returning this summer. I love the One bedroom Ocean Suites with balconies. I want to book a room at CN that is closest to those. Having an ocean view is a must for me. I spend hours on the balcony every morning. Which room type should i book.

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    We have been to CN twice and will return to CSS for our 2nd trip there in April.

    We had Gardenview rooms both trips to CN, and 1 bdrm Ocean Suite w/balcony both trips to CSS. At CN if the Oceanview is important to you book Oceanview, or Beachfront, but let me warn you Beachfront at CN is not what you may consider Beachfront, the rooms are at an angle and to me are more of what most consider Oceanview rather than Beachfront, I hope that helps rather than confuses you.

    If you love CSS, you will love CN for entirely different reasons, we do!

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    Take a good look at the layout of CN.

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    All 2nd and 3rd floor rooms have balconies. The layout of the buildings really do not lend to full on facial views of the ocean.
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    what do the numbers represent on layout? that info would be very helpful. having hard time deciding what type of room to book.
    thanks, it's our 25th anniversary & for our honeymoon, we went to couples o.r. now towers & it was just one big building.

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    The numbers are the building numbers.

    Jimbo ~ I so enjoy looking at that picture and dreaming. When are you and Jean headed there? We just did our taxes and just might take an unplanned trip to CN and I was thinking April.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I guess i should have been more specific re: building #'s. which Are the buildings with the garden rooms & which are the ocean view rooms?
    I really appreciate the help or any clarification anyone can provide.

    Thanks very much!!!

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