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    Default Beaches at CSS and!

    I know that the beaches on the Negril side of the island are famous, but I really want to visit CSS. It looks so romantic, and I love the idea of having dinner in the room. We have been to CN, and CTI. I loved CN, but my husband loved CTI. What I really loved about CN is the beach and ocean. The ocean was nice to swim in and easy to maneuver the kayak and other water sport items. The sandy bottom was nice to walk on. I found the ocean at CTI to be a bit cooler, I am guessing because of the rivers feeding into it, and the bottom had a lot of vegetation growing in the swimming area. Anyone else find that too? My husband liked that CTI was so compact. Once you walked down stairs you were at the epicenter. And the pool with the bar wasn't so far away. We always go in late November to early December (my birthday).

    I was hoping someone had visit all three and could tell me if CSS is a nice compromise between CTI and CN. I know that it is a lot more spread out, but it looks like the restaurants and pool and fitness center are all pretty close together.

    On a side note can some one please tell me about the food at CSS. I personally go on vacation at Couples for the simple fact that I like to gain a good 10 to 15 pounds while I am on vacation, and I have yet to be disappointed. Hehehehe.

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    While I have yet to visit CTI, I have been to both CSS and CN. So I will give you my comparison based on those two.

    CN's beach cannot be beat. Enough said. CSS has 2 beach areas the main beach which is a bit rockier than CN, there seem to be alot more sea urchins on the Ochi side of the island. I felt it was comparable in calmness (love to lay on the floats). The A/N beachside was colder because of the river running into it, and again seemed rockier than CN.

    CSS, we prefer the rooms and the romantic feel to the resort, there are lots of stairs but that adds to the romantic setting in the cliffs. Although Otaheite remains my favorite dining experience, Cassanova and Pallazinia and wonderful, we missed dining at Bella Vista last trip, and will make sure to include it this trip. The jerk at the Beach Grill was basically the same, which was important to me because I love the Jerk Chicken at Couples. I loved having the option of in room dining, and ordered appetizers while getting ready to go out to dinner a couple times, as well as late night snacks. We did an all day excursion and when we returned it was nice to order dinner in rather than having to dress to go back out after a full day.

    We personally almost had to flip a coin this trip between the two resorts, we love them both for very different reasons, I would like to pick up CSS and plop it down on Bloody Bay with Otaheite already there... ahhhh perfection!

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    CSS is most like the CTI beach/ocean, just a little bigger. It's completely private like CTI.

    The only way to know if you like CSS is to stay there. Or do a CSS/CTI split.
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    I have been to all three and while CN and CTI are my favorites by far CSS is really beautiful. Does it have the beach that CN does NO but is nice. There is vegetation in the water but you can get arone it. I will say that if your husband liked that it was so compact that may be a factor CSS is REALLY spread out (a lot of walking). If that doesn't bother you go ahead and try CSS, you won't be disappointed.

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    we have been to Negril about a dozen times and the beaches at Bloddy Bay cannot be beat.

    We went to CSS 1 yr ago and really liked it, the beaches are small and we did not like the a/n beach at CSS so we hung out at the a/n pool/grill area which is really nice. I do not remember seeing anyone in the water at the a/n beach at CSS.

    The main beach is not very wide but plenty deep and very nice. The catamarans cannot visit CSS so there are no free cat rides.

    We loved the room service and the food was good. I thought the variety was better at CN. It WOULD really be nice if CSS was in Negril.

    It will be a tough choice for our next trip, we might try CSA

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    Amy thanks for the photos, and everyne else the helpful insight. They really helped. We love the sand and ocean of Blood Bay, and the privacy of the Ochi side of the island. Everyone has been talking about split trips on the island. As we are doing 10 days I have considered it, but am kind of wondering if it is cost effective. We are flying in from California, so I always get a little crazy about this trip. I know that where ever we stay as long as it is a Couples Resort we will be so happy. Maybe I will look into a split trip between the two CSS and CTI. If for nothing else just to get the most resturants in on our vacation.


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