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    Default 2 resorts booked on 2011 promo ?

    Does anyone know if you split your stay( 1 week at each of 2 resorts) do you get the $500 credit at each one?

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    Hi jewelldday,

    If you stay a minimum of seven nights at each resort AND you are booking from Canada or U.S., then your answer is yes. If you are booking from UK or Europe, the answer is maybe and we would ask that you contact our local UK office to determine whether or not you would qualify for the resort credits.

    UK Sales Office
    Voice[+44] 1582 794 420
    FAX [+44] 1582 792112

    Couples Resorts

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    if you stay a total of seven night between the two do you get credit at only one or nothing at all?

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    You have to stay 7 nights at one Resort to qualify.

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    Last year, I wanted to do the same thing, split my stay for a total of 7 nights. I was informed by Couples that my stay had to be 7 days at the same resort to get the credits. Maybe changed this year, but that was the rule last year.

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    i see. i am a little lazy to be vacationing for a few days then pack and unpack before my next vacation anyway. lol

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    I tried to post to this thread yesterday but for some reason you haveen't published it. Any reason why not? I only wanted to know what had happened to the sticky thread about UK guests being able to get the same deals as US ones. It was here a month or so ago and now it's gone. And Randymon's response to a UK guest above suggests to me that something has happened to that offer. We've just returned from a fab stay at CSA and are looking to book our next trip. I was keen to be able to benefit fromthe same wonderful offers as US guests - particularly as it costs us so much in air fares to get to Jamaica from the UK.

    Randymon - can you let me know what's happened please.

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    My threads and posts from last night are not showing up either. I was just asking about how we actually book the double room upgrade at CSS and CTI since booking online only gives a single room upgrade.

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    We booked a split for 2011. You have to stay 7 nights at each resort to get the credit at each resort. We booked 7 at one and 5 at the other, so we only get one resort credit. Woohoo!!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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