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    We are planning our honeymoon in less than 3 months! Do CN have any nightlife? The questions we have is do people at CN stay up and party late into the night? Or do people at CSA go the the disco and party late at night there? Which resort would be for people who do not go bed early, those who dance late into the night and go to the disco..
    Looking forward to help and thanks!
    Jessica and Steve!

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    We've never been to CSA so I'm not sure what happens there. We are returning next month for our 4th trip to CN. The rule is generally that the piano bar stays open until the last couple leaves. I've heard people talk about being there until 4 or 5 am, and we've probably been there a few times until 11 or 12 on disco night! My hubby and I generally get up at 6am to walk on the beach and then after a day of drinking, eating, and activities, we're usually pretty wiped out after dinner and a little entertainment.

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