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    Default Dress clothes, casual, or both

    Hi All. Going to CN for 1st time May 1st thru 8th. Wondering what to pack for the trip. Does it ever get cold enough for a jacket/sweater? Do women need to wear dresses to dinner? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sick of overpacking and terrified of underpacking. 71 Days to Go!!!!!!

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    No, in May you should not need a sweater or a jacket. I do take a wrap with me just incase we have dinner at Otaheite because it is air conditioned and after being in the sun all day it can be chilly.

    I wear sundresses most nights to dinner regardless of where we are eating. But I have at least one really nice sundress with me for the repeater dinner.

    Have fun.

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    Default Amp it Up!

    My wife and I have been all over the Caribbean and Mexico and have found dressing up for dinners turns up the romance dramatically, adds to the dinner as an event, and does gain the respect and attention from any and all waitstaffs. Try it. Dresses are almost always on sale at Victoriassecret and Venus for around $30...I'm always a little amazed when people ask us how we keep things so hot and fresh after 30 years married even after seeing us at dinner and them in tee-shirts and cargo shorts...! Have a great trip. This is my wife at our 25th anniversary and our 45th birthdays with a Venuswimwear "sundress" in black.
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    Default Hello

    I made the mistake of not bringing anything dressy casual, my first trip. There really is just one restaurant that requires slacks/khaki's for men with polo or button down shirt and close toe'd shoes. However it is worth it to ensure you have clothes to go to that at least once on your trip. For ladies nice sundress is all that is required and nothing denim. All other restaurants are summer casual attire. Enjoy I will arrive for trip week #4 on May 9th.

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    Default Dress clothes, casual, or both

    you will see all kinds of dress at CN.
    Bring something semi dressy(nice sundress and sandals) for Otehite and men collared shirt and slacks, closed toe shoes.

    Open air places are more casual. Anything from shorts/capris to sundresses. Men usually in nice shorts.
    It's a vacation. Go and relax. Wear what makes you feel good.

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    Trace is right. It is nice to get clean and dress nice for the evening. I would wear a nice pair of shorts and collared shirt in all of the restaurants except at the one fancier restaurant (like Feathers at CSA). Mrs. Tallman liked to wear a dress each night - nothing too fancy but a nice sundress. I think you'll find most folks are dressed nice in the evening. Enjoy your trip.

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    Trace, I so agree w/ you! Hubby loves it when I dress up. I will get into this fabu xs dress that I have for our 16th this year at CSS wife is gorgeous! I'm a curly myself

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    Thank you for the kind words! Rakael is a very unusual, delightful person. Funny, silly, sexy w/o being nasty. And the curls? They wear me out, they really do. I suspect it does the same to your hubby...We usually play something wonderful in the room as we get ready to set the mood. Mr. Buble is hard to beat but at CN it might be some kind of reggae..We sure intend to eat well, have fun at the piano bar, then take a cab over to Alfred's for that reggae party on the beach in the sand 'til late night. Rakael, all tanned up in a smashing ,colorful dress will be right at home amongst the tiki torches. We plan to snack late at night at the CN beach bar followed by some semi-illegal, questionable activities on the beach...! This is her at a Beach Boys concert last summer in LV. Yay to tropical dresses!

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    Default I have a tip!

    Alias, I'm gearing up to go to CN for the second time on 3/12 (woohoo!) and last year, being my 1st time, I brought along a few pairs of shoes with little kitten heels and wound up not wearing any of them. The reason: most of the outside walking areas are wooden boards with spaces between them and I didn't want to walk tippie toed all night! LOL Just bought a couple pairs of low heel wedgies yesterday to take along this trip. I like to look cute for the dress up restaurant and dance nights so if you're brining heels, make sure they have a wide heel! Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wileeandrr View Post
    Trace, I so agree w/ you! Hubby loves it when I dress up. I will get into this fabu xs dress that I have for our 16th this year at CSS wife is gorgeous! I'm a curly myself
    Say, wait a minute here. Did we miss the pix of Wileeanddr's curls?? Blonde or brunette?

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    Thanks everyone, for your helpful suggestions. 58 days to go.....can't wait!

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