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    Default The Pink Panther?

    Sorry about the title but I always loved those movies when I was younger.

    It seems that there may have been another victim of credit card theft at CN? What are everyone's thoughts on the matter? Did this really happen at CN or could the unfortunate victims have used their cards somewhere else on the Island?

    I am off to CN in 5 days and this is a little concerning.

    Please let this be posted as I would really like to put my mind at rest on the matter.
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    Well, it's a new TA account with no other posts, reviews, etc... seems fishy to me. It looks like they read they other review and jumped on board - especially since it supposedly happened months ago and now they're suddenly bringing it up.

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    The credit card theft, I am sure, did not happen at CN.

    Anytime you go off resort and use your card, you are at risk of the numbers being 'lifted' and used elsewhere. We bring cash and do not use any credit cards and we always buy several hundred dollars worth of coffee.
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    Regarding my above post I have just read this from TA?

    Ok, so most regulars here on this board know which resort is my preferred favorite and I am sure that no one is surprised that I read all the new reviews when I get a chance. Actually I try to read some from several different resorts. But a recent review regarding CN that was posted is just craziness. And I am not questioning the review because it is negative about CN, but more because of the wild accusations that reviewer made. They start out saying that it was a nice resort, but once they arrived home they were notified by their credit card company that their credit card was still being used, and "we thought long and hard about this, and what we came up with was a Couples employee could have stolen in from our luggage" REALLY???????

    They came to this brilliant conclusion because for one single day a single credit card was in their luggage and not locked up with their wallets in the safe. And that happens to be the same day that the TV is not working in their room and employees were in their room for a long time?????? Again, really???? And I love that they faxed a copy of their credit card statement to Couples and they are refusing to take any responsibility.
    Ok, first, I have had a credit card stolen and I have had the number only stolen. In both cases, I did not have to fight any charges, the credit card company did that for me. When just the number was stolen, my husband spent almost an hour on the phone with our credit card company going over all the charges on our statement, which ones were ours and which ones were not, the ones that were not ours were removed from our bill. In both cases the cards were cancelled and new ones issued. Second, what does faxing your statement to a hotel, any hotel, prove other then your card was used. It does not prove that it was stolen, nor does it prove that it was stolen by an employee of the hotel. If indeed a copy of the card was made, it would be more likely that it would not be used in the local town, but on the internet where all you have to do is enter a number and expiration date.

    Me, personally, I think they spent more money then they thought or can afford and now want to cry wolf. Ok off my soap box.

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    I find it hard to take seriously someone who posts in Feb 2010 about a stolen credit card from Nov 2009.

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    I do not think any Couples staff would do this. They have a job at one of the best resorts in Jamaica. They receive some of the best pay and training. In Jamaica, if you get let go from one resort chain, you are black listed from all the others. They do talk to each other.

    What I think happened:

    1) They used their Credit card off the resort and that is when the number was taken.

    2) This is a single reviewer, joined this week on TA, so it most likely someone trying to hurt Couples. There is one of the big chains that have been posting bad made up things about Couples on TA for years. New Jersey is the location were they come from a lot. One of the other big resorts is big in the New Jersey area. Bonuses at this resort chain are based on the TA rating. The location of the poster is New Jersey.

    Couples will look into this and post on TA if they can back up if the person was even at Couples.

    Go and enjoy.
    Irie Mon

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    I agree, we have had our credit card cloned twice and both times it was spotted by the fraud department, no problem getting the rogue items removed. Although we did have a slight problem the second time as they gave us new cards and froze the old ones whilst they attempted to get the money back. After the account was unfrozen (automatically after three months) it tried to claim the money from our account by direct debit. Our bank refused because we had cancelled the direct debit, so this showed us in arrears and our credit file was compromised.

    I only realised this a few months later when I was offered 20% off in a store for opening a store account (I was having to buy a new pram unexpectedly but thats another story), I agreed but got refused because of my credit score. Contacted the credit agency, got a report and it showed the fault lay with the credit card company. Got in touch with them, they were very apologetic and said they would get it corrected straight away and sent a confirmation letter. About a year later, same thing happened and we were just on the point of applying for a new mortgage for our new house. There I was 20% off etc, got refused again, credit file showed it had never been amended, boy did I go mad, they removed it straight away whilst I was on the phone. We could have lost our house over this!

    A few weeks later I saw a similar story in the newspaper except this person got compensation, didn't even cross my mind.

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    My mom was a victim of Credit Card theft at Red Lobster in Holland, Michigan; my friend was a victim of Credit Card theft from the mall in Florence, Kentucky and another from someone stealing information from their mailbox. It happens. Be proactive and alert your CC that you will be using your card in Jamaica. Get a card that is specific for your trip with a low credit balance, say around $500 or whatever. Lock your card in the safe and keep track of what you spend. It happens everywhere.

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    For that poster to say that Management "didn't care" is total BS.

    We experienced CC fraud after a trip to Jamaica 2 years ago. We didn't recall using that particular card except for checkin at the resorts, so when I contacted Mr. B. at CSS (who forwarded my email to Mr B. at CSA) he was very concerned and asked me to give the names of who checked us in and out of each resort. I declined to do so - nor did I accuse anyone else at the resort of cracking our safe or going through our bags!!!

    Yes, Jamaica has a high rate of CC Fraud...that is a well known it happening at Couples?? I DOUBT IT. Read the Forums - it happens all over the area....
    Use cash at the local bars, shops and ESPECIALLY at MBJ when shopping on your way home.

    (We DID use the card at the airport shops and it did turn out to have orginated there )
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    Vickyj -

    The temporary card is an excellent suggestion! Also, we ALWAYS notify our CC company when we'll be travelling out of country.

    I don't want to scare anyone from carrying their regular CC with them. In fact, you probably should in case of an emergency.

    By the way, our experience with two different cards has been that fraud detection is outstanding. It's happened to us twice; both times we received prompt inquiries when it appeared there were attempts to "probe" our account, and both times the cards were "locked up" and promptly replaced.

    Also, about ten years ago we were travelling in E. Europe. On of our tour-mates was shopping for some Viennese crystal, and her card was declined when she attempted to make a purchase. Reason? She didn't notify her CC company. Three years ago, I was travelling on business in Saltillo, Mexico. One of my travel mates picked up a bar tab before dinner at a restaurant. No problem. An hour later, at the same restaurant, he picked up the dinner tab. Card rejected... same reason.

    Live and learn.

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