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    Question for you - do you have any idea what the capacity was last July @ CN? We are coming in 54 more days - 4/10-4/17 - and have read that CN is booked. Just curious as to the difference in capacity? This will be our first time coming in April - we have always come in the summer.


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    Just did you find out that CN was booked at capacity (where did you read this)?

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    Default cn capacity

    I was reading a thread about Air Jamaica cancelling flights from Chicago. Some of those people have had to re-arrange their flights and are having to stay at different resorts due to the fact the resort is full. I don't know if it is full the whole week but I was just curious to see what the capacities are. We normally go in the summer and it never seems full to us.

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    Speaking from past experiences when CN was FULL to capacity. You will not notice much difference. You might experience a line waiting for a seat at the swim up bar or perhaps a crowd at dinner.

    We go every April and have never experienced a problem. But what do we know we're just April Fools.

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