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    Randy, we just booked the Early Escape special online and tried to use the F11A promo code like the site told us to. However, when we received our confirmation, it shows the G11A promo code which is for FILA, and does not have the $500 resort credit. I called Couples direct, and was told that the resort will give us the $500 credit when we arrive. I'd feel more comfortable knowing we had the correct documents before we arrived. We booked for 1-21-11. Are we OK?

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    Hi KCJamerican -

    We are working to update the messages on our booking engine confirmations, but you are all set.

    Couples Resorts

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    I had the same concerns. I booked for Dec 27th 2011 for 7 nights and I am suppose to get $500 credit as well. I assume I will.

    Jay Egan

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    Thanks Randy. We're really looking forward to coming home. Just wish it wasn't so far off. Might just have to do a trip this summer.

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