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    Default Beach Party Music/Entertainment

    Can someone please give me an idea of what the Beach Party music and/or entertainment is like?

    I don't even know if there is any music or entertainment.

    An hour by hour account of the beach party would be nice, if anyone has the time


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    Which resort?

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    Default Cti

    Steel drums were the only form of entertainment and it was excellent. Food was fabulous. BBQ/Jerk chicken, sausage, Jerk pork and all the usual condiments. Deserts were great. Have fun.

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    Typical CSA beach party entertainment would be a Mento Band performance, followed by a steel drum band, a fire eater/torch dance, and they might top it off with some tasty reggae hits played by the house band. Sometimes you'll get a resortwear "fashion" tossed into the mix as well. Some of the Couples staff members are very talented singers, dancers and performers. It's always a great show.
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    Default Re

    CTI and what night is the Beach Party there?

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    Ohhh.... don't forget the contortionists! Bicycleman (if he's still with us) was inspirationsl... for the frequent visitor, Wonderman (the fire eater) gets old the third or fourth time around... lol.


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