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    Default CTI November 2021

    Today is a perfect day to think beyond the snow that is falling and wicked winds that are blowing. To think about an island in the West Indies. A place where sunshine and warm winds will envelope you and you will smile. We have already booked next April so the only thing left to do is book November too. We did. I hope you will join us.

    Richie & Sylvia 4-15

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    John & Carol from N.H. are now scheduled to be there from 10/29 --> 11/8. Looking forward to getting back to paradise!

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    We are doing a split stay for 9 nights. CTI from 11/06 - 11/08, CSS from 11/09 - 11/15. Can't wait!

    Kurt & Bonnie from Fort Myers, FL

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    Split stay CTI 11/25-12/01, CSS 12/01-12/07.
    Calin & Netty from Kitchener, On

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