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    Default CTI Wifi

    Anyone have recent experience with the Wifi at CTI?

    Is it still only in the lobby or does it carry in to some rooms of the main building?
    Any ideas on the connection speeds?


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    I'm really curious about this too, anyone know?

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    Lobby and some areas of the beach. We did not get it in our room which was right above the new internet cafe.

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    Default CTI Wifi

    We just got back from CTI.
    It appears they have 3Mb/1Mb service in the Lobby only.
    Actual speeds were 2.8 download and .9 upload.

    The coverage extends well out on to the Patio and into the hall toward the West Wing. You can also get limited coverage on the right side of the Piano Bar.

    The connection is well suited for Skype to Skype video chat and Skype phone calls. There was one instance where at least 3 people were doing video chat at the same time with no lag.

    Good luck,

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    Do any of the rooms get wifi (or does it carry over to any of the rooms from the lobby)? When I stayed at CSS we had wifi in our room and it was great!

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    I'm guessing that one of these days there'll be wi-fi in the rooms, if only because of the March of Progress. About 13 years ago I joined this Methodist church where I live, and every fall the choir went on this retreat at Epworth By the Sea at St. Simon's Island, GA. The first couple years there were no phones in the rooms--by design. After all, phone calls was one of the things you were supposed to be Retreating from. If you wanted to make a phone call (and didn't have a cell, which I didn't then) you had to use a payphone and reverse the charges at home. A few years later, phones appeared in the rooms, just like any hotel--and the old brass keys were replaced by key cards. Of course, I still have problems with using my cell on St. Simon's Island, but that's T-Mobile's fault, not Epworth's.

    I'm thinking that eventually wi-fi will extend to the rooms. We found that the best place for us to use our laptop was in this corner next to the Piano Bar. I found the Internet service to be terribly slow, but we have a cable modem at home and I guess I'm just spoiled.

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    The Wifi at CTI is great in the lobby, and it is FREE!! (Other resorts, (not any Couples) charge $20 USD per day for a slow connection and still only in small area).
    Irie Mon

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    Quote Originally Posted by preilly44 View Post
    Do any of the rooms get wifi (or does it carry over to any of the rooms from the lobby)? When I stayed at CSS we had wifi in our room and it was great!
    I was getting a signal walking down the first floor hallway of the Main Building toward the West Wing. If you got one of the rooms close to the lobby or a balcony overlooking the patio you could probably get a signal.

    Good luck,

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