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    Default Need clarification on liquids in checked luggage

    I have never flown and tried looking on Delta's website to see the policies regarding liquids, creams, aerosols, etc in checked luggage and I am more confused than!!!

    Can someone please tell me what I can put in my checked suitcase without having to worry about problems at customs, etc? Thanks!

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    Besides the obvious things you can't pack in your checked luggage (gasoline, for example), just about any liquids are acceptable in your checked bags. If you bring into Jamaica more than one liter of alcohol, you will need to declare that to customs (I'm assuming that you won't be bringing alcohol into Jamaica, though). Other than that, sunscreen, hairspray, mousse, deodorants, gels, whatever, are fine in any amount in your checked baggage. Just be sure to pack any liquids in a zipper type baggie, as they do have a tendency to leak.

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    There should be no restrictions on items in checked luggage. If in doubt, call the airline.

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    There are indeed certain things you are not allowed to put in your checked bag. See the information at for the complete list.

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