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    We are staying at the CTI July 1-7 and I was wondering since we are in a Superior Ocean Room that doesn't have a jacuzzi tub if the other jacuzzi's on the resort were "private". I can't see paying 500.00 to upgrade, but then the jacuzzi would be great.....decisions decisions. Thanks!

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    I have the same sort of questions. I will use my jacuzzi nightly. If I dont have one in the room, it doenst necessarily need to be private, but definitely not crowded. I am still deciding between CSS and CTI though. At CSS, the BFS with the jacuzzi is less than $100 (for the entire 7 days) mor than the cheapest room, so if I decide on CSS it will def be BFS. But if I go to CTI and have a room with no jacuzzi, will the ones throughout the resort be empty enough for me to use nightly?

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    A superior ocean room does not have a jacuzzi. I believe the rooms that have jacuzzi's are called Jacuzzi suites. There are 4 jacuzzis at CIT. Two are by the main pool and very public, the other two are by the spa, one on each side and are semi private. In other words, you can see them behind the bushes and anyone walking by the spa, might see you if they looked. They are more public during spa hours. Also, the spa has a plunge pool. CTI used to have Jungle Jacuzzis, and you could hang an "occupied" sign but that is no longer the case.

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    CTI - when do the pools & jacuzzi's close? or are they open 24 hrs a day?

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    [COLOR="Blue"]The pools and jacuzzis are pretty much open 24/7 closing only for cleaning. The main pool may be closed during the gala as there are tables sitting around the pool, I honestly can't remember as that was our first day at the resort. T

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    The only time the pools or jacuzzis close is at 5am, when they are being cleaned.
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    CTI - when do the pools & jacuzzi's close? or are they open 24 hrs a day?

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    The jacuzzi tubs in the BFJ suite we orignally had at CSS would take forever to fill, IMO, nor do they have a view, being in the bathroom behind the bedroom. The Premier Ocean Suites jacuzzi tubs at CTI are not large enough for two people but have a wonderful view of the ocean and TI.

    Pools and jacuzzis at CTI close only for cleaning.

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