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    Default Which of these 2 times would you choose to go away?

    We have finally chosen CSA for our wedding. These are the only 2 weeks that we can both get off.

    Sept 25 - Oct 2
    October 23 - Oct 30

    Now I do realize that it is the wet-hurricane season.
    I have looked at historical weather, but it generally lists weather as a country. I am assuming that some parts of the island receive more rain then others.

    So, if these were your only 2 options which would you choose?


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    I'd probably pick the latter. Two reasons - 1) it's farther away from summer at home, where warm weather is still fresh in my mind and I'm not missing it as much yet. 2) It's just a bit closer to the end of hurricane season.

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    October 23 - Oct 30

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    I would choose the second as well...partly because of hurricane season. My anniversary is in September (9/20) and I would love to go then, but the hurricane risk is too great in my mind. By the end of October, though it is still hurricane season, the risk is very minimal and less chance of having to change. I know that you can buy insurance and change your vacation but if you are looking forward to it, like we do, I would hate to get to that point and have to wait longer. Just my take on it.

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    We go every year the last weekend in October. Hurricane season is just about done, the resort is not as crowded, and the airfares are lower.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    We go during your first dates because our anniversary is Oct. 3rd. Let me know if you end up picking the first date and we can have a drink together to toast your new marriage. Congrats.

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    If you go the earlier date, just make sure you buy insurance in case of a hurricane. We have traveled quite a few times to the DR & Mexico in August and September, and have had a couple of close calls. Our last trip to the DR in Sept. was very rainy due to a tropical storm.

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    we go every year from the end of sept till a day or 2 after anniversary,and we have the time of our lives.

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