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    Going to CTI for the first time on Feb 20. As I'm packing, I'm wondering whether there are plenty of hangers in the closets. Most of the AI's I've been to have only a few, so I usually bring some extras. Just wondered if this is necessary at Couples? I'd rather pack some more shoes!

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    We have stayed at CSS and CSA. I think it depends how long you are staying. Less than a week, there are probably enough hangers. Longer than that, you may need a few more. We have stayed 10 nights the last few years, and I always bring about 5 extra hangers. I just leave them there when we return.

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    I brought extras with me to CTI in December and was glad I did.

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    When we pack to go anywhere I just leave everthing on the hangers. Makes unpacking a snap.

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    I usually bring some with me. There never seems to be enough in any Hotel anywhere.

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    if your other half plans on hanging anything take a few more hangers. We stayed for 10 days and I always over pack and need all of the hangers, and used most of the dresser too.

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    We go for 10 days and always need to double up on the hangers. Last November we got to our room and there weren't any hangers at all! It took a few calls to the front desk to get some and then they were the dry cleaner wire type hangers so I'd bring my own. We are headed there for 2 weeks next year and I will definitely be bringing some of my own.
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    We always just pack all of our shirts at home already on hangars (the thin, wire, dry cleaner type). So, when we get to a resort, we just take the shirts out of the suitcase & hang them right up. Then, I just have to use the pants hangars for my capris & my husband's 1 pair of pants.


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    I do the exact same thing!!!
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    When we pack to go anywhere I just leave everthing on the hangers. Makes unpacking a snap.

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