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    Default So how much more would you pay for a specific room, building or floor?

    Greetings to all:

    Despite my numerous attempts to advise you all that we are unable to guarantee specific rooms, buildings or floors at any of our resorts due to continued high demand and daily arrival and departures, we continue to receive several such requests each day at each resort.

    From January 15 - February 14 - as an example - Couples Swept Away received nearly 150 requests for specific rooms. The expectations and subsequent disappointment when we are unable to accommodate your requests is often causing unpleasant confrontations at check-in.

    Nonetheless, short of my rejecting every post related to room requests, it is clear that many of you are anxious about a room assignment.

    That being the case, we may have a developed a solution in our property management systems. It does come at a cost, so here it the question: Would you be willing to pay to guarantee a specific room, building or floor?

    To guarantee a specific room is the most problematic as we may need to hold the room for you a day or two before you arrive - meaning we would be unable to fill it. We are contemplating a test whereby for a fee of $100 we would accommodate your specific room request - if, of course it is available at the time of your request.

    For a specific building or floor, the fee would be $50 each. In other words, if you request a room on the second floor, we would charge you $50. If you want a second floor room in Building #5, the fee would be $50 X 2 = $100.

    Your thoughts?

    Couples Resorts

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    not worth it to me. As long as I get my booked room category, I'm happy!

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    Sorry Randyman CN it is getting too expensive to return.
    So paying for this as an extra would be a NO from us.
    UK repeaters over 15 visits

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    Nah, don't do it. We would not be interested in paying extra to reserve a specific room or location.

    I do not know the hotel business at all, but can't imagine this would be simple to manage! And I bet that folks would be really upset to not get a room they specifically requested AND paid extra for! KISS (you know what I mean).

    I do however understand your desire to do it in the name of customer service -- another reason Couples is first class! I do thank you for that.

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    so wouldnt you lose money by holding a room for lets say even one night for $100 vs what you would earn if the room is filled? and also wouldnt your capacity go down by holding rooms for any given date ?

    wayne f

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    Sounds like a good idea. We would pay extra to get the view from the top floor. But it also sounds like it might complicate things and cause tempers to flare at check-in if things didn't work out. We have stayed in a penthouse and a basic garden view and the vacation was incredible in both rooms.

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    Randymon: We would not be willing to pay for a specific room,floor or building. There are so many wonderful rooms,floors and buildings that we would be willing to take our chances on what room we get.
    Would you consider tieing it in with Romance Rewards points? That would be something that you might want to give as a perk to your most loyal guests

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    Default Yes!

    I would gladly pay an extra $100 to request a specific room. While I know all rooms at Couples are amazing, we have special memories of the rooms we've stayed in. My husband actually takes pictures of the doors before we leave so we have the room number!

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    Hummmm.... It would not be something I would make use of but reading about a billion posts here about people wanting a specific room it my be of value to some. I expect it is still opening the same can of worms where people will still get mad if they can't get the room they want since it was specially booked for someone else at extra expense... Good luck!!!!

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    I'll say that would be a welcomed idea to me. I would like to try to duplicate every bit of perfection I experienced on the first of my many annual September adventures to Couples Negril. I am all for it. I would love to know the people that we are meeting there, will be right next door to us. We will be booking very shortly. Please let me know and everyone else too. How I hate to part with my hard earned money. Not! All for the cause'.

    Gary and Shelly

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    Hi Randy, as a first time visitor arriving in 4 weeks, I would not be willing to pay extra, but on a return trip I might.

    When we booked we did request a building & floor, is this frowned upon? I have no delusions that I have to have my request met, nor would I ever put up a fuss, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

    I must say with the numerous discussions on the MB regarding room selection, it's difficult not to form a preconceived idea of where I would like to be.

    That said, after being addicted to this board for the last two months, wherever I end up at CSS, I know it will be perfect!

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    I'd vote for keeping things just the way they are.
    nobody's favorite poster

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    Randy, would we know at the time of booking if our room choice is or isn't available? I"m so attached to certain room locations that I'd probably try to book my stay for a time when one of my favorite rooms are available. And yes,I'd pay the extra $100 to guarantee it. I wouldn't necessarily like it, since CSA is already going to cost me a couple hundred dollars more next December than it did this past December, but I'd do it. My Atrium Room location is the one and only thing I"m fussy about. Just a thought.. I guess there's not a chance that the $100 could be waived as a perk of the highest romance rewards level? I'm eligible for a free upgrade but since I'm a fan of the original section I'd never accept the upgrade to one of the verandah suites.So the free upgrade is a perk that would never benefit me. No big deal, but just a thought.

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    I think if you want a specific room, that is one thing and would gladly pay extra, but for a specific floor or building? Not so much.

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    For me its always gonna be a garden verandah suite because of the price and our budget. I can go 7 days in one of them or 6 days in an upgraded suite. So to me it's not worth it because it's not a huge deal either way. However if I paid for a beachfront it might be worth it to swing an extra $100 for a specific room or floor. But if a request is unavailable it wouldn't make me upset because I realize there are no guaruntees. Some people can be unreasonable though. You might find some people will get mad because they weren't aware they could pay extra for that request. It would have to be well advertised at booking I think to make sure everyone has that option.

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    Yes, yes, yes! We would definitely be willing to pay the added amount to get the floor and/or room we would prefer! No question. More specifically, we are coming there in 23 days! Will that be available to us? We would love to be one of your test subjects!! Thanks Randymon!

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    I'm just curious as to how this would work. I thought you had stated it was impossible since people come and go everyday. To some it is important and might pay, myself I'm not sure. I'm sure no matter where you stay it is equally beautiful!

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    great idea, love the innovation that is what makes couples so great. We talk, you listen. I love that you listen.

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    We too have been guilty of requesting rooms, floors, and buildings in the past and yes we were disappointed when we did not get what we were hoping for. I would definitely be willing to pay a price, within reason, for my preferred choice of building or floor. I think it's a great idea to try to accomodate us in that way, and if the request can be guaranteed, count us in.
    Eric and Diane [/COLO

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    Absolutely worth it!!! I recommend you start today (: I would like first floor bldg 9 ocean front suite on Apr 29th through May 6th. Make me your trial run and let me know how much please!!! Mike and Amanda Braden

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    Hi Randymon,

    We are returning to CTI in April and I did tell our travel agent
    to request the Main Building. At this point, whatever floor, room or building we receive is fine with us. We just enjoy being at Couples meeting new and old friends and being at Couples. This being said, we would not pay any more, we just enjoy everything Couples has to offer. There are times when a room may be not to your liking, noise or whatever but that is few and far between. Looking forward to our 8th visit to CTI this April.

    Barbara & Tony

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    I would not pay anything extra. I just want to be sure I get the room category I booked and paid for.

    I am sure all resorts deal with requests for specific rooms, but due to the number of repeat guests at Couples the problem is a bit more bothersome, but I don't know of any resorts that charge to accommodate room requests.

    Further, I think requests made in advance should be ignored completely, and simply not accepted. At check in, however, if a guest requests a room or Bldg/Floor if it is available, then make the guest happy. It is referred to as good customer service.

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    I'm sorry that some guests are making it hard on the check-in personnel when their room request is not fulfilled. It has been said by Couples for years that no specific requests can be honored and guests should be aware of that policy long before they arrive! With that said, I understand the desire to satisfy guest's wishes but I am a little concerned with those of us who cannot pay any additional fee. While we do put in a request for a second or third floor room we would understand if it cannot be honored because other guests were there before us. We understand that we have paid for a particular category, not a particular room. Where would those of us who don't pay the additional fee be put? How would this effect the possible upgrade for repeat guests? How can Couples save a room and keep it empty for a couple of days for $100 instead of filling it with a paying guest at a cost of $350+ and still make money without raising rates? Swept Away is beautiful no matter where your room is!!! Leave the room request situation as it is! Thanks!

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    Hmmm....tough question.

    I am sure there will always be people willing to pay the extra price for the extra service.

    Most are willing to go potluck with the way it is set up now, that the room isn't the most important thing.

    I would say that I fall in the 2nd category but if there was a special vacation and I wanted the special service I would be willing to pay. As it is I guess I have already because there are different room types that you offer and can upgrade and we did not book the cheapest type.

    Can't wait to see what the results are of your questionnaire.

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    Thank you for taking this seriously. My wife and I, arriving 20 Feb. by the way and so too soon for any of this to come to fruition, would be willing to pay an additional fee such as you outlined above. For a specific room, if feasible....we'd even pay $50 extra per day for that.

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