Greetings to all:

Despite my numerous attempts to advise you all that we are unable to guarantee specific rooms, buildings or floors at any of our resorts due to continued high demand and daily arrival and departures, we continue to receive several such requests each day at each resort.

From January 15 - February 14 - as an example - Couples Swept Away received nearly 150 requests for specific rooms. The expectations and subsequent disappointment when we are unable to accommodate your requests is often causing unpleasant confrontations at check-in.

Nonetheless, short of my rejecting every post related to room requests, it is clear that many of you are anxious about a room assignment.

That being the case, we may have a developed a solution in our property management systems. It does come at a cost, so here it the question: Would you be willing to pay to guarantee a specific room, building or floor?

To guarantee a specific room is the most problematic as we may need to hold the room for you a day or two before you arrive - meaning we would be unable to fill it. We are contemplating a test whereby for a fee of $100 we would accommodate your specific room request - if, of course it is available at the time of your request.

For a specific building or floor, the fee would be $50 each. In other words, if you request a room on the second floor, we would charge you $50. If you want a second floor room in Building #5, the fee would be $50 X 2 = $100.

Your thoughts?