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    Hm. I’m torn on the issue. I can see both sides, though I think I lean toward not being a fan. I worry that it will make is so if you don’t want to pay the extra, you will never get a 3rd floor or a corner room again. You will forever get 2nd floor if you are Verandah, or middle of the building rooms. While I know it’s very different, the vibe it gives me is that of a class system instituted at other resorts. Perhaps put those “hot” rooms at higher rates. Bake it into the rate? I can’t really explain it, but that just feels less icky to me.

    On the other hand, I understand why you are looking into this. There is obviously demand, and if people are willing to pay extra, then so be it. I don’t, however, understand how holding a $500/night room empty for $100 will benefit the resort. Wouldn’t that be taking a hit financially just to appease some screamers? Again though, I’ve never walked in your shoes; that’s just how it looks from the outside.

    Also, would this option be available to those of us who don’t book directly with Couples? If we use a TA or an online service, how would that work? Will it be publicized? How will people not on the board know? I would LIKE to think that most of the problems requesting specific rooms has cause has been with people who don’t frequent the board since it’s been said over and over here that specific requests cannot be guaranteed.

    I think right now, with the information at hand, I am still not a fan. But I also tend to resist change

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    When I booked our March 2010 CN vacation, I was asked by the reservations agent if I had any room requests/preferences. I said Building 6 or 9 on the third floor (we booked a beachfront room). If I hadn't been asked, I wouldn't have made the request at that time, but the special requests might be resulting from the manner in which agents handle reservation calls rather than from guests not respecting that particular rooms can't be guaranteed at the time of making a reservation.
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    Oh, no, I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. Honestly, I think it would feel less onerous to eliminate posts asking about how to "reserve" or request certain rooms or people posting the "best" room numbers. This fee seems like nickel and diming. I know it would set the wrong tone for my vacation if, immediately upon check in before I'd seen the rest of the resort or done anything fun, I had to pony up an extra $100, just for inquiring about whether I could, say, have a top floor room or something. There has to be a non-monetary way to accomplish this.

    I think a lot of this stems from newcomers to the board hearing about certain rooms and requests like this being granted in the past (usually done during lower traffic times, it sounds like) and coming in with specific room numbers in hand to request, based on thost posts.

    Just my two cents.

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    If it can be done, I'm all for it. To spend another $100 to get the floor & room we want would be well worth it to us. That's less than the cost of an average off site excursion.

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    Hi Randymon, it seems like a reasonable solution but I will suggest your fee is too low.

    When we're spending $3000US plus for the room portion of our vacation, an extra $100 isn't noticable. If we cared about a specific room, floor or building we wouldn't hesitate to request it and spend the $100.

    As a result of the nominal fee you used in your example, I think you will get swamped with requests. I think you will just transfer this workload and perceived customer service issues from your check-in teams to your reservations team. It may then have the potential for being seen a customer service issue by travel agents who may find the procedure problematic for them resulting in them making several calls between your reservations team and their clients to the point they suggest a different resort to their customers.

    Maybe the equivalent of a one night charge would be more appropriate for a specific room and half that for a specific building/floor. A fee of that amount may reduce the number of requests you receive to a manageable amount. It then becomes a little more valuable for inclusion in some of the specials you run throughout the year as well.

    We find your resorts so wonderful that we can't imagine having a bad room so we likely would not take advantage of this option but for $100 I think a lot of people will.

    Thanks for sharing this idea, we're always glad to see Couples trying to make the fabulous experience they provide even better.


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    Default Sure!

    If it were important enought for me to request a specific room, building or whatever - I'd be happy to pay to ensure I would get it. Like if I honeymooned in a specific room and I wanted to continue to go back to that same room each year, I think people would be ok with paying a fee to have that tradition. Some may not agree, but we don't get to vacation often so if an extra $100can really add to the experience - charge it to the room - LOL!

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    Would we get the money back if it ended up that you couldn't fill the request?

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    Default Paying for room requests

    With some places in my yard still under 3 foot of snow, any room is

    Seriously, I will just take a beach chair under any palm tree and be completely long as I have my flag
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    ABSOLUTELY! We would gladly pay extra for our "favorite" room at Couples Negril.

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    "Would you be willing to pay to guarantee a specific room, building or floor?"

    Nope. The "secret" to getting a great room at any of the resorts is to be KIND and not pushy/loud/rude to the Front Desk at check-in. ( Regardless of how long your flight/trip to Jamaica took you - we ALL travel to get there)

    That method is priceless and it's never failed us

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    I've never been to Couples (yet...first time in May) so I'm not sure if I will get to the point of needing a specific room.

    I don't agree about charging people though, its kinda ridiculous. I've heard great reviews about Couples, that is why we did choose it for our Honeymoon. However, it seems that now you are trying to make more money off of people, just to accommodate certain requests. I'm sure we are all adults here and understand the demands for a certain room/building etc. and know that its probably impossible to fill everyones requests. But I'm sure its kinda,'first come first serve' to all those requests. (Ex: I'm sure if I requested a certain floor and someone else has the same request who is coming the day after our arrival, that we would get the floor request filled)

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't agree with charging people more. But like I've said...I have never been to Couples. Heck, I may go there and realize that I need a certain floor and you may see me next year dropping $50 to get a certain floor

    Just my own opinion =)

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    sounds resonable to me

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    No thanks ........
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    Boy, why do I feel like a bucket of worms have just been opened?

    My thoughts, I personnally would not pay an additional charge for a specific room, floor or building. But I think that comes from first wisdom, having been to CN many times, I don't think there is a bad room AND second, knowing that I will not be in my room enough to really care.

    I always chuckle when I read posts about which room to request, in which building. What I like, some one else might not and vice versa.

    Just my opinion, not something that we would ever take advantage of. But here is the question that I have for you, how would this effect any possible upgrades for repeaters?

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    Those figures seem like reasonable amounts to us. When viewed on a per day basis, it's really not that much at all.
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    Very intriguing and creative.

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    I would be OK with it. But seeing as all the rooms are the same, I don't request special rooms.

    I would however pay extra for a room with internet access If you could offer me a non greathouse room with internet, I would jump on that in a second.

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    Sorry Randy I know Couples is hurting but so are we. This is terrible and just another way to bring more money in.

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    We had a perfect time our first visit. My wife loved the room and the location. So for a husband that wants to give my wife the same excellent experience. I would be willing to pay the rates you mentioned......not much more though. put it in effect for April and I'll send you the money......

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    We would gladly pay $100 for a specific room at Tower Isle.

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    I think $100 would be reasonable for a specific room, however, the $50 for floor/building seems pretty steep to me.

    Honestly, though, I think it should just be left to the person to request at the time of check in -- and only if it's available. (which is the way most hotels work.)

    We've stayed in many, many hotels in many places, and while we have frequently requested a particular room not room #, but more like "high floor, away from elevator" or "water view, ground floor" or "quiet room, king bed" we've never had to pay extra for it. And the hotel accommodates you if the space is available AT THE TIME OF CHECK-IN.

    Really, Randy, I agree with your original statements. It doesn't hurt to ask, but it can't be guaranteed, so don't set yourself up for disappointment if you don't get what you've requested.

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    Your suggestion seems reasonable. My only concern, from a business stand point, is that it will really end up costing you more in the long run and all of the rates will have to go up.

    I can see folks wanting to get a particular room/location. I would much prefer an upper floor room over a ground floor room. Would I be willing to pay extra for it, probably. Would I understand if the resort could not promise me a specific location, yes I would. Best of luck.

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    I would definitely pay $100 to guarantee a specific room. We have always wanted to stay in the BFS at CSA, but have never done so, since we would want one with the wraparound porch. I would gladly pay the $100 to guarantee a BFS with a wraparound porch. Not that we haven't been perfectly happy with the BFVS rooms (where we like to request a third floor corner room). I would pay the $50 extra to guarantee a 3rd floor BFVS room, too. We just got back from CSA, but stayed at CSS last year. I would also pay the $100 at CSS to guarantee a specific penthouse room (in the D Block). Thanks for asking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron & Rosa 25 View Post
    A slippery slope if you ask me.
    Quote Originally Posted by JoeandSue View Post
    I would do it, but how about a "Repeaters Perk" and make it in leu of the cash back at the Passionate love level? Just a thought.............

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    Could the extra fee be done as a donation to the Issa Trust Foundation?

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