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    Default An overdue December 2019 CSS review and suggestions

    We are writing a way-overdue summary of our December 2019 visit. It was our 7th trip to CSS and it wowed us back again for another year. Met some old friends and made some new ones. I did manage to gain almost 10 pounds in the 9 nights we were there so there wasn't much restraint going on. Everything went well except our in-room safe debacle that took three days to rectify, but that's another story.The resort did throw us a credit voucher for all our troubles. There are two discussion points that I will bring up for the CSS management to consider.

    The first issue is the in-room coffee. For years, we would make the “mini carafe” of coffee that they had in the room. The small carafe, using a drip coffeemaker, was just the right amount of coffee for my bride and me to get ready and out the door each morning. Last December, we found that the carafes were gone from the room and replaced with a K-cup machine. We found that there were typically not enough cups in the room each morning and we had to request more. I could really care less where my coffee comes from, but here's the confusing part: the very same year that they stopped using plastic straws and went to paper at the bars, in an effort to reduce plastic going into the landfills on the island (which we very much support), they started putting K-cups in the rooms, which in turn generates thousands of plastic cups each year. If we want to minimize our plastic footprint, we've got to abandon the K-cups and go back to paper coffee filters.

    The second issue is the “beer wait” at the SSB bar on occasion. I want to preface this suggestion with the comment that the SSB bar staff was outstanding as usual. They keep very busy, keep moving, and keep smiling. We once again were met with great staff at SSB. The suggestion is to set up a self-serve beer tap. The staff does have to deal with busy times throughout the day. These busy times get busier when one of the bartenders would leave to take their well-deserved break. It seems a shame to have beer drinkers lined up at the bar to get a beer poured while the staff was busy making blender drinks. I think it would be great to take this task off the plate of the bartenders. Let's have the bartenders concentrate on mixing, and we'll handle the pouring. I know self-serve beer taps are legal in Jamaica as other resorts have self-serve taps at their resorts. SSB has self-serve soda; why not beer?

    Looking forward to our 8th trip to CSS this December. Let's hope that everyone, on both sides of the pond, stays healthy so it can happen.

    Thank you, SSB staff. You are the best. You are the reason we keep coming home!

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    Glad you had a great time. I agree with you 100% on the K cups. I don't like the idea of self serve on the beer. While it would certainly shorten the line, people helping themselves and using their dirty used glasses and personal mugs are sure to come in contact with the tap periodically and one sick person can easily pass it on to many others.
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