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    Hello, Iím wondering if anyone has purchased Tripmate trip insurance through the resort, if so have experienced any issues, problems with this company?

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    I have used Tripmate claims a couple times. Once when we slid off the runway in Des Moines IA and once when our plane was delayed leaving Montego Bay. They covered our expenses the first instance but not the second. We missed our connection in Atlanta due to the delay. Tripmate said it was because of TSA and would not cover it. We always buy the insurance during the Winter months because of weather issues. But, we do not get it during Spring and Fall trips. Now, you have to be careful with the insurance Couples caries. I don't think It covers flights. You might want to call and ask.

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    We had to cancel our 2020 trip that we had booked in 2019 through the resort. This is the first time that we had ever booked through the resort, what a mistake!! We purchased Tripmate travel insurance (cancel for any reason) through the resort. After repeatedly submitting all documents by email and registered mail and waiting almost 6 months our claim was denied. Couples resorts are taking no responsibility and will not even return emails. We have been going there for years and I realize that they have taken an economic hit, maybe keeping our few thousand dollars will help them. Bottom line is donít by the Tripmate insurance that they sell. I should have done my homework and simply googled Tripmate. As far as our flight we booked through Delta and they refunded within 48 hours. Lesson learned

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