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    Default CN: March 6 evening arrival - should I be worried about overbooking?

    Hi all,
    We are counting down to Couples Negril, March 6-13!

    I've read a couple of posts saying arriving earlier in the day is better since there is less of chance of getting bumped!

    I am wondering if getting bumped is common... can anyone try and put my doubts to rest? I had never really considered this before and don't want to worry about it. We are on a direct flight from Montreal and should be landing at around 3:30pm and getting to the hotel by about 6:00pm by the time the transfer etc. is all done (could be longer depending on traffic or whatever)!

    Is this peak season for the resort? I booked through a well recognized online agency and paid in full so I hope all goes well!

    I hope they don't overbook as a rule but I understand things happen. Just wondering if any of you have any words or advice!


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    Couples does not over book. The only time they have bumped people is when they closed CTI for the rebuild and they had a fire and delay on opening. You will have no problems. Go and enjoy.
    Irie Mon

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    I have never, never, never heard of Couples bumping anyone. I do not think that they over book. Not sure where they would bump you too even if they did except to another Couples resort and in Negril that would have to be CSA.

    Couples is not like the big chains that overbook and then have to move people around like chattel. If you have a reservation for CN you have a room at CN. The only issue that you might face is if you arrived early in the day your room might not be ready, but that is about it.

    No worries, you room will be waiting for you along with a warm welcoming smile from the staff.

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    We have arrived at Couples Resorts 6x now, from 1pm all the way to midnight. Never been bumped. This is a very very rare occurrence. I would rest at ease knowing that your room will be ready and waiting for you.

    In the words of TommyWommy:

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    Whatever room category you paid for is what will be waiting for you WHENEVER you arrive. Not an issue.

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