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    Default I'm at the coolest place on the planet!!!

    Howdy from CSA!!! I'll make this a quick as possible, so I can run to the sport complex, and then off to to beach!

    We arrived Saturday to smiling faces and sparkling wine. Check-in was a breeze. We requested a corner room OVS, and were lucky enough to get one. We are in 4309 and the view would make ya cry!!!

    Saturday was lobster night. Feathers and Lemongrass were booked, so we went to Patois. OMG!! SO fantastic! Grilled little yummy lobster tails from heaven!

    After dinner, we headed up to the piano bar to sing along with Ulti. Always s great time. By this time, we'd met a ton of MB people, as well as a ton of great new friends who had never even heard of the MB! Needless to say, we were having an outstanding time! We danced our butts off at Aura, then headed to the grill for some late night jerk chicken. Mercy....I NEVER stay up til 2am! Darn fun vacation!!

    Work up to a gorgeous Sunday morning. Went to the sports complex and had a great workout. If you enjoy getting a good workout in, this is your place!

    Met hubby to chill a bit, and we did the basket making class. DO THIS!! Our basket rocks! I am so proud of this thing, you would've thought I built a skyscraper! Seriously, a ton of fun, and a souvenir to boot. Oh yeah....I'm making a hat today. I'm sure I'll be dragging it arounf to show off, too!

    Hubby did the 130pm scuba and had a blast. After that, we hit Seagrapes for the infamously delish snapper sandwiches and sweet potato fries! Have I mentioned yet that we are at the coolest place on the planet???

    The day went on, and our "vacation family" just seems to keep growing. SOOO many friendly and wonderful people from all over the world! What a treat that is!

    Adrian at the swimup bar keep the drinks flowing. OH YEAH..whoever on this MB who told us to do a duck fart shot...WHOA brother!! Hard core! Really funny to try and order with a straight face!

    Had a fantastic and romantic dinner at Lemongrass, and then danced to the awesome music the band was playing at the Palms.

    Went up and participated in Casino Night. I really wanted this cool little wooden fish carving, but lady luck was not on my side this evening!

    ANYWHO>>>>that's been day 1 and 2. I'm a wordy chick, but just wanted to express how much fun we are having. I am a proud repeater. Darn we love this place. And I'm not joking, it is like magic for a relationship. Mike and I are having a crazy good time being in love and making great new pals and seeing some old plas, too.

    THANKS COUPLES!!!!! you and your staff shine! Come on down, and see it for yourself! I'm one happy gal!

    Everyone have a terrific week. I'll try to check in again sometime! Any???, ask away!

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    Hubby and I loved basket making too. We came home with seven baskets!!!


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    Lew. Thanks for the slice of home. CSA does indeed rock and we feel the same about her and her people. Have an awesome rest of the week and vacation.

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    what does one do with seven baskets

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    ...Lew, we have been waiting for you to check in and you did not disapoint! What a great passionate post, thanks for painting the picture.

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    Default Lew

    We have only been home 3 weeks and after reading that I want to go back TOMORROW.


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    Thanks for the update!!! Have a blast!!!

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    Thanks so much for letting us peek over your Shoulder! It's GREAT to read your descriptions and your excitement lights up the page! We're Super Happy for you! And it's really nice that you're sharing it with the rest of us!
    Jamaicaman & Hottie

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    Thanks for taking the time to give us a little bit of heaven. Enjoy your stay, 278 days for me.

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    Lew, glad you are "home". have a wonderful stay.


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    Glad to hear that you are having a wonderful time!!!

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    Just me again!

    Yesterday proved to be another spectacular day!
    Did a really fun jewelry making class, as well as hat making class. After 13 years of being with Mike, I am finding out my husband is quite to great craftsman! hehee!

    He went diving again, and said they saw a big ol' turtle, and alot of other cool things. I think we are going to try to do the night snorkle tomorrow night

    It was a gorgeous beach day! Spent quite a good chunk of time just taking in the beauty, and hanging out on the float. There were a few vendors set up with some amazing painting and crafts to look at.

    The afternoon brought a bit of liquid sunshine, which always a nice little break to get out of the sun, and have some laughs with people at the swimup bar.

    Had a great time going to the manager cocktail reception at Aura lounge. Got a chance to meet Mr. Bowleg. What a fun and gracious gentleman. Repeater dinner was a treat of superb lobster and steak. We had the pleasure of getting to dine with more really great couples. I love it!

    Back up to sing again with Ulti, and then more dancing.

    I think today is going to involve some "off campus" activities, such as exploring up and down 7 mile beach! So many fantastic little jerk stands and bars...awesome and friendly people to chat with. I just have to go drag Mike out of bed!!! OK! It IS only 8am, so he can enjoy that GIANT and comfy bed for a few more hours! I wish our bed at home was so wonderful. SIGH!

    Alright Couples family! Everyone have a good day.

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    Glad you are having a great time at CSA. We can't wait to return. Could you ask your hubby to say hello to Christopher (Shaggy) at Scuba from Nancy and Gaston. We have become such good friends over the past few years and we miss him dearly. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Have you done any off site excursions. We have never done any in the past but are really thinking we might try something our next trip. Wish we were there now.

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    Well, so there you guys are. I have been waiting to here how it is going. GREAT FUN! Yeah! We are next. Paid in full and raring to go!!!!

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