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    Is the Au Natural pool closed at night? We like to hang out in the pool after dinner and the shows. Is this allowed here or is it only opened during the day??
    If it is opened, what about getting drinks. I see the website says the bar closes early. Is there another bar close or should we stock up before we go at night??

    Thanks again for all the help

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    Pool does not close, but the bar closes at dusk.
    Irie Mon

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    Default Au Natural at Night

    When we were there in December 2007 we wanted to do the same thing. We walked over there one night and it was so dark! There is very little light so you might want to take a flashlight. The pool was too cold to get into but we hung out in the hot tub. There was a guard sitting behind the bar, but no drinks. It was nice to get away and just be alone. I'm assuming it is okay because the guard did not say anything to us about being there after hours.

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    The au natural part does close at 5. People that are clothed are allowed to come then so that they can watch the sunsets. This area is the best place at the resort to watch the sunset. The bar also closes at 5. The only bar close would be at the main pool. They do have food there during lunch.

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    No problem going in the pool at night, but there are no street lights and so it is very dark.

    There isn't a bar close by that is open, but you can take a few with you from the Bella Vista bar or you can always raid your mini-bar in your room. The other neat thing you could do is ask for a bottle of wine at the bar and take it over there to enjoy with your sweetie in the hot tub. Be sure and tell the bartender where you are headed so they can give you plastic glasses.

    The cool thing about Couples is that the pools never close unless they are cleaning them.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The au natural is clothing optional from 5 to 6 to few sunset for the more timid. But bar does close early pool and other facilities hot tub are open all the time. One night there is a after the beach party, party over there that is clothed also but how much light you have I'm not sure about and sure the security gaurd could flip a couple of light switches!

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