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    Hello, So, my wife and I are thinking of coming down to CSS for my birthday and we are both down with trying the AN beach. This will be our first visit to CSS and also first to a nude beach. Iíve been reading a lot of different threads that say itís not sexual but how is it not? Whenever I see my wife nude she turns me on, and knowing that others will see her nude turns me on even more. Is it normal that Iím excited for others to see her nude? I guess thatís what the quick breaks back to the room are for!


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    It really isn't sexual. The best way I can describe it is a big backyard gathering but everybody's nude. After the first couple of minutes of conversation around the pool bar you don't even notice it anymore.
    There is nothing happening on Sunset Beach that doesn't happen on the textile beach, only difference is the AN people are a lot friendlier and laid back.

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    I agree with you. It is sexual to see my wife lying naked next to me. But to anyone else... no, not at all. I think many of us feel the same way about our spouses to some degree. Quite normal if you ask me. As a member of this Message Board once said "it was 8 hours of foreplay". There is usually too much going on by the bar and in the pool that it will most likely take your mind off sex for a while. You both will love it!
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    I would say that while it can be "sexy" - it doesn't get "sexual" - as in overt, public displays of sex.

    Meaning you and your wife may really enjoy being nude around other people or just by yourselves - and when you go back to your room that sexy energy and excitement will come back with you for some fun nights.

    You might even sneak back when no one is there for even more fun.

    But unlike places like hedonism - you will not see couples engaging in public "sexual acts" and activity at ssb - or anywhere at couples resorts.

    Basically, nothing happens at ssb that doesn't happen on the main beach - we just do it all nude.

    As for getting "excited" - can't guarantee that won't happen but you just roll over on your stomach for a while and think non sexy thoughts....

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    Everything you are feeling is normal. We loved CSS a couples years ago. It was our first Couples resort stay and itís beautiful. We stayed on the a/n beach most of the day EVERY day. The lunchtime grill section on the a/n side had great food and the bar was nearby too. Pool, restrooms, and showers were very clean. Pool is a little shallow but did have pool volleyball and trivia games at the pool and the walk up pool bar. The beach there was great also with shade from a few papalas and trees. My husband was so relaxed he took a short nap there most days. Glad you have read so much on this board. As for your question, glad you and wife are excited about going. Relax and enjoy each otherís company. A/N is not the big deal people think before they go. Itís true that once you experience it, you realize how natural it is and why in the world do we put clothes back on. Also, people on the a/n side are much more polite and friendly and after a while, youíll feel comfortable there. Our second Couples stay was at Negril and swimming nude on the a/n section was wonderful, so make that your second trip. Two different resorts, but we loved them both for their own unique feeling. ENJOY!

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    If it seems sexual in your head, you may not be ready to experience SSB. All are welcome and it is not sexual at all.
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