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    Default Feb/March 2021

    Too early? No Way!
    NAME: Tim and Liz
    AGE: 50/47 - During Stay 51/48
    DATES OF TRAVEL: Feb. 27-Mar. 6th after a 3 day stint in Negril
    TRIPS TO CSS: 6th
    ROOM TYPE: 1 Bedroom Beachfront
    WHERE ARE YOUR FROM: Lasalle (Windsor), Ontario
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO: SSB, Jerk Chicken, Fun with old and new friends!
    WILL YOU GO A/N: Every Day
    KIDS: 1

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    We'll be there February 24-March 5. Happy early birthday to both of you! Hope to meet you there!
    Name: Dennis and Cindy
    Age : 61/61
    9th trip to CSS
    1 bedroom beachfront
    from Arkansas, USA
    Looking forward to SSB, food, drinks, relaxation, fun with friends
    A/N every day as well
    Kids 2 (and 9 grandkids)

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    Wish we could go. Our First Couples stay was at CSS in 2018, want to get back. Loved SSB area. Let us know whatís up and running when you go: Pools, veggie bar, wine tasting on the terrace, hot tub, pool, grill at SSB ? Let us know how the river runs through at SSB.

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    Let us know how your stay was when you get back. Iím living through others until we can return. Thanks.

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