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    Default Curried Goat at CSA

    Can anyone tell me which restaurant serves the curried goat at CSA?
    Thanks much

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    The Palms will have it for lunch. I've eaten it several times. I enjoy it. My wife would rather have the Snapper sandwich at Seagrapes. We'll grab a table, in the sand, and I'll head in to the buffet. There is always fish and a Jamaican dish. Great food!! 9 more days. I can taste it now.

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    I had it for lunch at the Palms during Jamaica food day. Thats got to be one of my favorite Jamaican dishes.


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    You know, the only place I've ever recall seeing goat (and I can't recall if it was curried) was at the beach party.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    There are sample menu's on this website. I think it's lemongrass...

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    Patios had it on the menu last time. It was OK, but I probably would not have it again.

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    To all,
    Thanks for the responses, my husband loves goat, I thought I saw it on one of the sample menus on the website, just could not remember which one.
    He will be ultra happy to know that maybe he can get it more than once...
    8 more work get ups....can't wait...

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