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    Default Canít wit to get back

    Just wondering how itís going so far? Would love to book a trip soon but wonder how things have changed and if itís better to wait? Hope to book a trip in September and maybe another in November.

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    I'm scheduled to go in September. Scrambling to find a different flight though as Spirit airlines has canceled my direct flight due to not enough demand during that time 😡😡. Hopefully I'll still have a great time. Spirit has put a damper on my excitement until I can find a reasonable flight now.

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    There are a few recent reviews on trip advisor if you would like to take a look.

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    We had a wonderful trip to Couples San Souci this summer despite the worldwide COVID-19 issues. Both the country of Jamaica and Couples have done a great job of dealing with tourist travelers and accommodating the virus health concerns. Please remember that all of your travel time, including airport time, will require face masks.

    Pre-Travel Requirements Ė Anyone seeking entry to Jamaica must obtain travel authorization from the Jamaican government. You use an online process that provides information relating to risk issues (I believe primarily related to risk of transmission by you) as well as most of the information on the C-5 immigration form. If you are from one of the US high-risk states listed on the website, you are supposedly required to upload negative COVID test lab results from certain accredited labs. This did not apply to us as we are not from one of the listed states. BUT, this would have been a big problem for us because the only way for us to get a test from one of the accredited labs in our area would be if we were symptomatic for COVID-19. Nonetheless, we did get tested at a Walgreens site so that we would have the results for our own peace of mind and that of people we would be around. Our travel authorizations arrived via email within moments of submitting the online form.

    Montego Bay Arrival Ė There were fewer people arriving because of the general travel slowdowns and fewer air passengers. There appeared to be two other plane loads of people going through the process at the same time as us. Everyone gets a temperature check upon departure and we were frequently expected to use hand sanitizer, which was readily available anywhere. There was a new additional step in the entry process Ė getting a health screening with many of the questions you would expect and signing an agreement to remain on the resort during the stay. This may have changed to allow nearby travel to tourist sites, but I recommend double-checking if that is important to you. The screening process looked like it would take a long time because the lines looked long, but security people kept things moving to open screening stations (there were many). The additional stuff only added about 15-20 minutes to the whole entry process.

    Drive to the resort Ė As usual, Couples connected us with a bus quickly. There were just two of us on the bus and the windows were open. Groups on the bus will be smaller than before. The trip was quick and uneventful. Stops are discouraged.

    San Souci Check-In Ė There was slightly less face-to-face interaction but was quick and easy. We had done the early check-in through the Couples website Ė definitely a good idea to make sure your Romance Rewards program information is up to date.

    Restaurants and Bars Ė Things here are quite different, but Couples did a good job of managing the difficulties in the COVID-19 world. Schedules are significantly reduced, and this is understandable. I just missed being able to drift down to Bella Vista (open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) on days when I did not adequately plan my evening. There is no self-serve on anything. We missed that, but the staff took good care of us anyway. Sunset Beach had excellent grill lunches every day. I did notice something interesting in the bar service. If the bartenders filled one of our mugs, they cleaned their hands before handling the next personís drink.

    Sunset Beach and Pool Ė The loungers were spread out more to allow social distancing. They were set up in pairs, but if you are traveling with another couple, you can get the loungers moved together. As always, the staff here was wonderful.

    COVID-19 specific stuff Ė Hand sanitizer stations are located all over the place. We were asked to use it every time we were to be seated at a restaurant. The staff mostly wore masks. Anyone who was closely dealing with us was properly masked, especially restaurant service people. Some others may not have always had their masks pulled up but did pull them up if they came close. Guests were not pressured to have masks on. We carried ours just in case we were coming in close contact with someone.

    Conclusions Ė We had s great time and the San Souci staffers were as wonderful as always. Occupancy appeared to be less than 30%. We feared that this might force San Souci to close and we have subsequently heard that Couples may be closing San Souci and Couples Negril for the fall Ė disappointing because we love the place. Also, we see that others have had much worse experiences with the airport health screening; we are just reporting our experience.

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    It is officially on the Couples website that Sans Souci and Couples Negril will be closing from September 1st to November 30th 2020. We were booked for Sans Souci in October but will now reschedule for May 2021.

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    Interested in the form you had to sign at airport about remaining at your resort. We are trying to put together a split stay for October and wonder how to get through all the forms without a hassle.

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    Donít know for sure, but I believe the point is to limit off site touring. Since both places would be within the Resilient Corridor, and if your only travel is from one to the other, someone should be able to make that work.

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    As the way the restrictions are right now I do not think that split stays are allowed. You have to remain on resort and I read somewhere that means you aren't allowed to switch your accommodations. It may be changed come October 1st but I think the current restrictions are in place until September 30th.

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