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    Default What about these rooms????

    We have booked a BFS at CSA for our wedding on May 20th. Can anyone tell me about these rooms? Do they have air conditioning? What is the weather like in May? We didnt make any request for 1st or second floor. Do these rooms even have second floors? Where most likely would they put us without request? I always read about BFVS and ATRIUM but i never see anything about these rooms! Is that a bad thing? lol

    Thanks, Amanda

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    BFS are the best rooms available. If price was no object I would stay in this room category every time.

    Room 2230

    Attachment 4936

    Attachment 4937

    We always thought that we preferred a 2nd floor unit. One time we were in a first floor Atrium room, that had a beach view, and that was the best of both worlds. In the original section of the resort the rooms have wooden blinds that close completely, if you want to run the A/C. We always leave them open and enjoy the breeze.

    We went in May of 2008 for my 50th birthday. It was sunny every morning and then it would cloud up around 12 noon. Some days it would rain for an hour or two and others it would just be cloudy. It would usually clear off by 6 pm.

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    The Beachfront Suites are the beachfront accommodation in the original section of the resort. They are VERY nice, and when the resort was first built, they were the best it had to offer.

    Today, as then, all rooms have AC.

    Per Couples policy, you will be placed in the accommodation class you booked for, or better. Better, of course, is determined by the nightly rate. Don't stress about which building, which floor, which room. None of that matters.

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    These are also our rooms of choice. Don't care about location/floor/room #... just want a beachfront suite. They're the best. Enjoy.

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