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    Default Our Single Digit - Dance 50th & 19th Ann. Starts Now

    left work tonight flurries of snow on the car. who cares? doing the single digit dance. 9 sleeps away from couples night.luggage has been brought down, can hardly wait. CSA Feb 25-arch 4, 2010. john and Nancy from Germantown, Wisconsin. heading to a new latitude with a new attitude.
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    Default Single digit dancing since this weekend...

    Nancy & John,
    Robin & Joe from Wind Lake, WI, and like you, I started single digit dancing this weekend, anticipating the single digit dancing that started yesterday. I might be cheating a little, as I'm only counting work get-ups, not counting weekends at all...Feb 28 to March 7th... CSA here we come...never to early to start packing...

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