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    We just got back from a great week a CSS. It was an amazing time. After doing some reading on this forum, we decided to try AN for the first time. We were nervous the first time, but we went over to SSB sober. We found a couple of loungers and moved them to the beach and proceeded to remove our clothes and lay out. It was odd at first to be around so many naked people, and to be naked around so many people. However, this feeling left rather quickly and great feeling of sun tanning in the nude took over.

    There seemed to be 2 types of people at SSB, those the tan nude, and those that socialise nude. There was plenty of room for both types on the beach. I did a little socialising but we both mostly tanned.

    The experience was great. We both thoroughly enjoyed that first day on SSB, so much so that the rest of our beach time was spent there also.

    I know it has been said here many times but coming from a couple of skeptics "Please give it a try, you may just love it as much as we did.


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    Glad you enjoyed your first au naturel experience. I am sure you are a convert for life now!

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    There is nothing like the AN experience at couples. I agree with everything you said.

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    The experience is nothing like what you may have heard and now you know what it is all about.

    Isn't it a relaxing experience that you got to share with your loved one?

    So glad that you felt comfortable with yourself and enjoyed.

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    We love SSB/CSS. Relaxation, libation and conversation. Makes us realize why we married each other in the first place. We'll be there this July.


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    After trying SSB you will never be able to put a "wet" bathing suit on again!

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