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    Default Coming Home Sept. 24 - 30

    We are coming back to CN for our 2nd trip. Our 1st was in 2008 for our 10th Anniversary.. We can't wait to get back!!! Anyone else coming during that time?

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    Default Yes....!

    Wife and I turn 50 each the week of Sept 27th and will be there for one week. Relax, we don't look or act 50!! Attached is our webshots

    We are looking so forward to this trip. been all over the caribbean but never to a Couples....And buddy, are we ever doing those crunches! Trace n Rakael

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    Hey all! Wife and I will be at CN for a week Sept 27th for our 50th d'days. Easy now! We don't look or act 50....! Whatever that is....These are our albums

    See you, Trace (Bill) n Rakael Now, back to the crunches...

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    Well, my hubby and I are in our early 30's, but generally get along better with people older than we are. We started young, so we are in a position to travel, not having any more kids, etc. Most of the people our age are still having kids, so they can't go like we do.. Plus, age is only a state of mind, especially at Couples!! I am sure you will love it there as much as we do. Can't wait to meet the Birthday kids!! I'll post a picture of us soon.

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    Good stuff! We had kids early also and ended up with an empty house by the time we were both 48...We have 2 sons scattered all over the world...Kinda tough but gratifying at the same time and we can travel easily...Looking forward to the pix...Trace

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