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    Default What will Repeater's Dinner Menu be at CN next week??

    We will be first time repeaters at CN next week and have read that normally Surf and Turf are served. What is the Surf, lobster I hope, and the Turf some cut of Beef??? 5 more sleeps!!

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    It all depends, sometimes they serve lobster.
    Irie Mon

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    The repeater's dinner at all the resorts is the chef's opportunity to shine... they usually put up a special menu, at least that's the impression I've always had.

    There is usually a seafood and beef entree, and sometimes a combination. As always, accommodations are made for special dietary needs.

    Relax... and enjoy...

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    It depends on what the chef decides to create, but what ever it is it will be wonderful.

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    We were there in Dec and I was disappointed as we had swordfish with our turf. We had the repeaters dinner outside which was very nice but I did miss my lobster. I wouldn't count on it then you will be surprised if it is served. Enjoy!

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    We've been to 4 repeat dinners and never had lobster. It has usually been filet mignon with shrimp, but the shrimp is always outstanding and the beef...oh the!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Surf and turf - we have had lobster at least 1x at the repeaters dinner but we've been so many times I can't recall how many time lobster might have been serve.
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    We have had Lamb or Snapper at CSS.

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