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    Default Our Wedding @ CTI on 2/2/10

    The resort and the wedding FAR exceeded our expecations. It could not have been more perfect. I must admit, once that day arrived the line between what I thought was important and what was not important got very blurry. I was just so happy that so many things just didn't matter.

    It was just the 2 of us there. We got married on the grassy area right next to the pool. It had the most beautiful view of the water and the island and was fairly isolated from the social gatherings at the rest of the resort. The ceremony was at 4pm. There was a small "reception" after where we had champaigne and some cake. We used Rohan the resort photographer for the ceremony and then our amazing photographer, Brian Nejedly (, picked us up for pictures offsite. I have included some of Brian's pics. After we came back we had dinner at Bayside. We planned on getting a private dinner on the beach, but that was one of those things that we decided didn't matter. Bayside is right on the water and was very much "us". There are a few pics below. If you want to see more (for some reason I can't attach pics from the ceremony), don't hesitate to email me at

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    Absolutely gorgeous! You looked so beautiful. It sounds like your wedding was perfect. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you and your husband a lifetime of happiness.

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    Thanks for sharing your photos they are beautiful. congratulations

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    Beautiful!! I love your dress! Where did you find it?

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    Thank you, it is a J Crew dress (style: Whitney). LOVED it!

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    I thought it looked familiar!! I had actually ordered it last week! lol

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    I love your photos my husband and I got married at CTI
    MAY 4TH 2009

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    Your pictures are gorgeous! Were these pictures taken at couples tower isle or did you venture off the resort?

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    Did you like your pics from the resort photographer from the ceremony? We're considering doing the exact same thing with Brian to avoid the $500 fee. But still have Brian take photos of us. Thanks

    Your photos are AMAZING! You look beautiful.

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