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    Default CSA - dinner reservations and security

    We are arriving at CSA next Sat (Feb 20)! So excited! I was wondering if we need to call ahead and make dinner reservations for that evening or do it when we check in?

    Also, I was wondering about security in the rooms. Do you feel comfortable taking nice jewelry and is there a safe in the room?


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    Default dinner reservations and security

    Yes - you will want to make as many reservations as possible ahead of time. This includes restaurants, spa, and items such as the booze cruise....these all fill up quickly.

    Yes the rooms have a safe and would highly recommend you put as much as possible in the safe....we had cigars stolen from our room. The safe works well to protect your valuables.

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    You can only make reservations after your checked in. CSA is a laid back paridise where people just chill, I would leave the jewelery home.There are safes and the security was excellent

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    There is a safe in the room, but leave the fancy stuff at home. It will be safe, but you'll see the restaurants aren't super fancy. Feathers is the fanciest, so maybe something to wear that night. As far as reservations, you can't make them until you check in, so what we did is check in and then walk over to the concierge and make our reservations for Lemongrass and Feathers right then. Lots of people wait until the day they feel like they want to go and I have read that they have no problem getting a reservation, but if you want a specific time, then I would do it sooner rather than later. You are going to love CSA!!! It's awesome.

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    There are safes in the rooms at CSA. In five trips to Couples, we have never, ever had anything "gone missing."

    You can only make restaurant reservations after you check-in. We usually dine at either The Palms or Patois Patio the first evening. We also try to make reservations for Feathers and Lemongrass shortly after we check in.

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    No reason to take nice jewelry to Jamaica. It's got little to with security though.

    Wear your wedding rings and leave them in the safe when you swim, snorkel, or go on a boat ride.

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    The only thing at SweptAway you can "reserve" before arrival is the private dinner on the beach (or gazebo, or your room, etc.). Once you're checked in, go nuts. Reserve to your heart's content.

    Security on the resort is fantastic, in our opinion. However, we'd recommend that you leave the nice stuff at home. Nobody's paying attention. When we're at SweptAway, we don't spend our time admiring anyone else's jewelry... most couples are totally enthralled with each other, so unless you're trying to impress each other, don't bother.

    That said, the room safes are quite roomy and will provide adequate room for your fine jewelry.


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