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    Default Air Jamaica out of JFK

    Air Jamaica is showing a nonstop 6:00AM flight out of JFK for $238.00.With all the negative buzz on the MB I'm a little nervous about booking for November. Any thoughts?

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    That's the flight we've taken for two years, but this year they moved it back so it doesn't leave till 12:45pm. A little bummed we'll be getting there so much later, but we've never had any problem with AJ other than that.

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    So, here's the deal - I called Air Jamaica and flight 010 out of JFK to MBJ is now changed back to 6:00 AM departure. AJ flight 011 out of MBJ now departs at 7:00 PM. At $238.00 RT (plus all the taxes & fees) guess it's time to book that flight.

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    I would be very wary of booking with AJ right now. You could very easily end-up scrambling at the last minute to find another flight, which would cost you much, much more than booking with a more stable airline. We had always booked with AJ, but after getting burned by their latest route cancellation between Chicago & MB, will probably not consider booking with them ever again.

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    Book it! Wish I could find that kind of deal out of Louisville.

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    Just my .02.... I'd think LONG AND HARD before booking anything on AJ right now. They have been changing stuff like crazy, and the day before they cancelled the morning flight out of Ft. Lauderdale, they were still accepting reservations online. Doh....

    We have flown them before and really enjoyed it, but I don't think I'd book them right now unless your flight is literally weeks away. Not worth the stress.

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    We have taken AJ for the last 5 out of 6 times and until this last year it was always at 7:55. I was real bummed that Dec they moved it till 12:45 but they were really very nice about it and offered us to change without a charge or cancel. We left a day earlier. This year we are going back in Dec and I am going to book with them as I saw and spoke to them also about the 6am flight.(love the new times) If they change the time again I will look for another airline or change the day again. Jetblue out of JFK was more money last year and they also changed their time to 10am from 7am and they leave about 2:30 in the afternoon. I heard that they will know by April if they are being bought out or what is going on with them. Either way the times and price are great.

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