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    Default Construction 2021?

    Susan and I are planning for the summer of 2021. Do we have a dates for the postponed 2020 construction at CSS?

    Jeff and Susan
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    We are coming over at end May June for our 10th anniversary 7 60th birthday, Came here in 20011 for honeymoon & my 50th. What construction is planned and when. Please can anyone give us in idea . Thanks xxx

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    There was a major renovation planned for this summer but those plans were postponed due to the Covid shutdown. There's been no announcement about any schedule but I would imagine that any plans have been shelved until tourism gets back to normal levels and they can recover from the financial hit they've taken. Could be several years before they consider it again.

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    The March 27th email just said “we have postponed” the renovations and that they would be “refreshing” all rooms and completing renovations of “two model rooms” for our viewing while closed due to Covid. That sounds like they don’t have plans for renovations. On the island, I would think it is big long effort to organize materials and workers to do big renovations and I don’t know if they even got the two rooms done. Couples is fantastic about answering emails, so one of you may want to ask them if any 2021 partial closures are planned for 2021 for renovations. Enjoy your travels next year, my plans are still unknown.

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