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    So excited for my first trip to Couples in May 2021. We will be doing a split stay at SS and CTI for a total of 17 days. Our SS dates are 5/21/21-5/28/21. Who will be joining us?


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    Wow we arrive on the 27th from the UK. Sorry we may just meet on your last night xxx

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    We will be down there May 17-26. First time. I'm sure we will be lost so look for someone with "deer in the headlights" look about them. That will be us!

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    Any tips on things to do or see are appreciated.
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    We have been to Tower isle, but the excursions we have dome would be the same.

    Dunns River Falls. Included with your stay. 180 foot high, 600 foot long waterfall that you climb. Not as difficult as it sounds. You will have a guide that will lead you the way. Bring money to tip your guide and bus driver as they are not Couples employees. Bring aqua shoes. If you don't have them you can rent them at the attraction. There is a flea market at the exit. Bring money if you plan on making any purchases. We usually pass through the flea market quickly without making any purchases

    Excursions through the tour desk. With any of these don't forget tip money for your bus driver and tour guide. Some excursions have an extra guide on the bus, take tip money for that person also.

    Rafting on the Martha Brae. Ride on a bamboo raft. You will have a guide. Very scenic. Some guides are better than others. However, who you get is luck of the draw.

    Dolphin Cove. Expensive but worth it. Think Sea World Dolphin show except you are in the water with them. There are additional packages. Swimming with the stingrays. Feeding sharks. This excursion is on the other side of Ocho Rios across the road from Dunns River Falls.

    Bob Marley Mausoleum. Expect to be away from the resort for a good portion of the day. There is a stop about 1/2 way there where you can get some food and refreshments. See where Bob Marley spent his early years. See the house and Single Bed from the song Is this love. Go into the Mausoleum there he and his mother are buried. Light a candle on his grave.

    There are some other great excursions. Check out the Tour Desk and grab some pamphlets when you get there. Personally I would not go any excursion that goes as far as Montego Bay. This is only because you will spend too much time riding the bus. There is plenty to do right in the Ocho Rios ares.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallylong View Post
    Any tips on things to do or see are appreciated.
    Itís been about 4 years since husband and I were at CSS. That was our first Couples Resorts, then went to Couples Negril following year, then Covid happened so still waiting to return. Loved Couples Sans Soucci! See if the following are still there.
    1. Soft serve ice cream in the covered area near the building end of the main pool.
    2. Hidden hot tub at hidden stairs beside regular stairs at mineral pool up the hill near the veggie bar if still there
    3. If staying up hill in block C or D, use the side road to walk down and see cat house and Tuscan birds if still caged there, and turtles sand pond. Also, we saw them carving the ice sculptures for the night dinner party on the lawn because we walked the little road path instead of stairs.
    4. Mid Hill, Check out massage huts, hidden beach below mineral pool, Grotto where cool spring comes up and tiny fish may nibble your toes. Water running near bridge - photo op for newlyweds
    5. Wine tasting on terrace near what was called the balloon bar.
    6 ***Sunset Beach, Go for it, you wont regret it, Beach area and pool were very nice and relaxing. Sans clothes.
    Enjoy, and let me know what itís like now. Remember to sign up for Couples rewards and to pre-order when liquor you want in your room. Generic brands are included.
    Enjoy !

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    Thank you!

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    Would love to hear from those that went in May 2021. How was it? We are looking at going in the Fall, but who knows these days.

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