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    Does anyone know what is available in the rooms to play music on, such as CD players or do they have something that will play an Ipod shuffle?

    Also, has anyone done parasailing? If so, is it safe and what company did you go through?


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    They have alarm clocks with an Ipod docking station. Bring your Ipod if you have one. No CD players that I know of.

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    There are iPod docks in the rooms, but unless you have a real iPod, you'll need a cable to go from your headphone output to the input jack on the back of the dock. 1/8" male-to-male stereo available at Radio Shack et. al.

    There are beach vendors selling parasailling and jet skis. Look for Elvis:
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    But don't toss those cd's yet! If you have a portable cd player, this, too will play through the AUX IN of the docking station.

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