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    Default Golf at CSA

    Golf info for CSA needed.

    What course was included - what is the fee for club rental?

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    The course is Negril Hills golf club
    I have seen other messages on here that the rental is $30.00 ? not positive on that, there is a mandatory caddie fee which I saw was $10.00 per nine and then the cart fee of $35.00 for 18,
    so much for free golf. I have also seen messages that the clubs they rent were first used by Noah to practice tees shots from the deck of the Ark. I am going in April and will be taking my clubs. I will pay $70.00 in baggage fees but at least I know I can count on how bad my shots will be.

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    Negril Hills. I brought my own clubs at the time but I'm sure you should be able to get an idea of prices on line or from others on this message board.

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    The course if a goat ranch. Stay at the beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csa-vet View Post
    The course if a goat ranch. Stay at the beach.
    This may be true, but my home course is a snow covered tundra.

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    Every golf course is what you make of it. There are some very beautiful views at Negril Hills, and the caddies there are excellent. Last year we golfed 5 times, each time doing 9 holes and walking for the exercise. I cannot wait to get back there in just under three weeks. March is the dry season, so of course the course will look a bit brown.

    Not all courses (as a matter of fact, none of the courses I play on) are perfectly groomed. I would not want to pay those types of green fees.

    Bring your own clubs, have fun with the caddies, enjoy a Red Stripe or two - it is a wonderful day there!

    And like GPOOL, my courses are also covered with snow and ice, and very very cold.


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