I know that we are all concerned now about COVID-19 and how our individual countries/state/provinces are dealing with re-starting and re-opening. I see from the current statistics that the number of cases in Jamaica is trending down, and thankfully the death rate is very low, with most people recovering.

I am starting to think about my next trip back home to CN in March 2021.

I would like to hear about others that are starting to plan their trips back home - things that they have missed and things that they are looking forward to.

In our case, we are planning on bringing friends with us for their first trip to Jamaica and Couples - we want to show them our most pleasant and missed things we want to do - golf, walking along the beach, taking the One Love Bus Tour with Lenbert, enjoying the sunset on the Catamaran cruise, soaking in the ocean, seeing our friends that we have missed, and enjoying the company of our favourite staff.

Here's looking forward to our trip coming back home to whatever Couples resort we call home. Based on the latest emails from Couples, they planning on re-opening starting June - let's hope that this happens, and life for the staff and those who have booked to come home gets back to normal.

I truly miss my Couples friends and family,

A True Jacadian