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    Default Starting to Think About Coming Home

    I know that we are all concerned now about COVID-19 and how our individual countries/state/provinces are dealing with re-starting and re-opening. I see from the current statistics that the number of cases in Jamaica is trending down, and thankfully the death rate is very low, with most people recovering.

    I am starting to think about my next trip back home to CN in March 2021.

    I would like to hear about others that are starting to plan their trips back home - things that they have missed and things that they are looking forward to.

    In our case, we are planning on bringing friends with us for their first trip to Jamaica and Couples - we want to show them our most pleasant and missed things we want to do - golf, walking along the beach, taking the One Love Bus Tour with Lenbert, enjoying the sunset on the Catamaran cruise, soaking in the ocean, seeing our friends that we have missed, and enjoying the company of our favourite staff.

    Here's looking forward to our trip coming back home to whatever Couples resort we call home. Based on the latest emails from Couples, they planning on re-opening starting June - let's hope that this happens, and life for the staff and those who have booked to come home gets back to normal.

    I truly miss my Couples friends and family,

    A True Jacadian

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    I just booked for October 2021 hoping that this will all be over by then. We missed the catamaran cruise last time ( a first! because of weather) so really looking forward to that and always looking forward to the FABULOUS beach, sunsets and warm weather.
    I pray everyone gets through this unscathed.

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    Today’s email update from Couples reports they expect Jamaica to be open for travel on July 1. So, June is out. We’re scheduled for arrival on August 2 and are keeping our hopes up. Best wishes to all and especially the wonderful Couples staff members.

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    I know how you feel, but you can do this with very little risk. My wife and made a reservation for next March in early March of this year... before we knew what the real situation was with the coronavirus. We always book that far in advance because we go every year and we want to take advantage of their early booking special. We do not book an airline reservation then because it is so early that most airlines don't have any flights this far in advance. So we just book the resort. The deposit is $100 and we don't pay anything further until next January. If there is no resolution to this virus thing, we'll be out $100. That doesn't bother me. So I'd say go ahead an book, but hold off on the airline reservation. BTW, generally we don't book directly with couples because we can get a better deal elsewhere.

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    I plan to be there this September. This will be our first time to CN but have been to CTI previously. Hopefully everything will be back to normal because I would really have to spend my vacay having to either wear a mask around the resort or have to be confined to the resort. I have a whole itinerary planned out and would hate to have it ruined.

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    we are booked for December 5-18th. Hoping Diving is available. If not we will cancel.

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    If you are beach lovers, you are in for a real treat. There is no beach finer than that in Negril. There are really fine excursions from Ocho Rios, but if you never get off the property at Couples Negril you won't be disappointed. My wife and I have been to Couples Negril 10 times and we have meant to go on excursions but never quite gotten around to it. Chances are you'll love it.

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    Would love to hear from someone who is there now since reopening. How is the experience? We have been 9 times and can’t wait to get back!

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