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    Default CSA manager re building request

    I know this out here but my search of the board turned up

    Can someone please send me tje name and email for hotel mgr at CSA.


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    You don't need to go to the GM with a request like that. That's a little over-the-top.

    Make the "request" at check-in if it's not already noted in your reservation. The Front Desk will do their best to accommodate a "request"

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    From Randymon's recent "rants" on hot button topics:

    "It seems that every so often I am compelled to restate our position on a few topics which keep rearing up their ugly heads, so here I go:

    "5. Specific Rooms, Buildings or Floor requests: NO! As a result of daily arrivals and departures, it is impossible for us to guarantee any specific room number, building or floor. Rooms are assigned upon arrival and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you at that time. Coming with an expectation of a specific room assignment may only serve to unnecessarily disappoint you at the start of your vacation. This applies to all reservations, even if you or your travel agent request it or note it in the reservation."

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    I hate when this comes up. I also think you can request anything you want, but the answer won't always be yes. I would request away. We requested thru our TA and got the type of room we wanted. We didn't request a specific room, just where in the building we would like to be. I don't understand how you can tell someone that they can't ask for something. I would email the resort or use your TA if you have one. Then, when you get there, confirm they received the request, if they didn't, just ask then. Good luck. You are going to have a blast!

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    sorry for the misunderstanding on my part.

    I knew you could not request a room number but thought it
    was ok to request a general location or floor. I understand it
    is only a request not a guarantee.

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    For even more on this subject, see the comments Randymon's "request charge" scheme will generate... its near the top of the topics page.

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