We have stayed at CSA but want to try CSS. I am having a hard time picking a room type. I am thinking penthouse, one bedroom ocean, one bedroom beachfront or ocean verandah. We want a balcony with lounge chairs or a hammock. I would also prefer an ocean view but to face out towards the ocean rather than face the beach. If I can see both that is fine but I prefer the ocean. I would also prefer to have the balcony off of the bedroom or at least some windows that I can open to sort of bring the outside in while relaxing.

I really like the look of the one bedroom ocean because the view seems to be just what I want but the bedroom is in the back it seems so it is sort of isolated. If I leave the doors open can I hear the ocean and feel a breeze? At CSA we really loved the breeze and outdoors feel you can have in the atrium suites.

I also sort of like the beachfront suite because the bedroom is connected to the balcony. I also like the colors of the room. Would that be a good choice for the view we are looking for? I see that the building faces out towards the beach and obviously the ocean is just past the beach so maybe that is what we are looking for to get the ocean view?

The penthouse looks nice but going by the map it looks like some of them might face back towards the beach and not out to the ocean. I don't want to count on getting the room I want since I know that is not a sure thing. Is there a good chance we will not get a good ocean view in the penthouse?

Thanks for the help! I am just not really sure which way to go. I am hoping some of you that are really familiar with the resort will have some good advice. Thanks again!