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    Default Any Newer/Renovated Rooms @ CSA? Any with glass windows?

    Looking to book our honeymoon for CSA. We have seen a lot of negative reviews about the room condition/upkeep. Are any of the rooms newer or have been renovated?

    Do some of the rooms have glass windows? We are a little concerned about mosquitoes/bugs and heat if windows only have screens/blinds.

    We are probably leaning towards the GHVS. GHVS seemed liked it has guaranteed Internet access and a known location. We were concerned that if we book one of the other room types, we can't really know what building we'd be in.


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    I think it really depends on the time of year you go. We go at the end of Feb/beginning of March which is there winter too, so there aren't any bugs and it's wonderful. As for the rooms, we've always gotten a BFVS and, although they're not new or 'redone', they're very big, neat and clean. Have fun!

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    Default Not sure but think

    I am pretty sure all of the Veranda suites which are the newer ones built approx 2005 have glass, ours did and it was a GVS so no worries I believe it is the atrium suites that have just the shutters and from what I hear they stay cool and you can close the shutters from skeeters!! Also on the rooms they are tropical and in a tropical area. They are clean, and actually add to the experience. IMHO

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    Default Beachfront Verandah suite

    We were @CSA twice. Both times we stayed in a beachfront verandah suite. We loved it, we requested same building for the 2nd trip back but requested 3rd floor instead of 2nd. If you look on this web site at the map of the property we were in the 3rd building from the swim up pool to the west. It is new with windows, mini bar and tv. AWEWOME, right on the beach. We never saw a single bug or ant in our room. Perfect location and we we go back we will request same building.

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    We stayed one week in an Atrium (no glass), and one week in an Ocean Verandah (glass). We much preferred the Atrium and part of the reason was no glass. It is tropical and humid in Jamaica and having a room completely closed in leads to condensation and can leave lead to a funny smell and is more prone to mold. The Atrium Suite stayed cool with the ac, and it felt and smelled much fresher because air could move in and out. It is designed for the local climate.

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    The Greathouse rooms are the newest on the property. We always stay in a beachfront verandah suite room. All of the "verandah" rooms have glass on the windows.

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    I can't believe there have been a lot of negative reviews of the rooms upkeep. I think they are wonderful. We stayed in a newer beachfront veranda suite and it does have sliding glass doors and windows. We loved sleeping with the door open at night as the temperature was PERFECT and the sound of the ocean waves is just the best thing to fall asleep to. (We actually had trouble falling asleep our first night home after the trip, the room was too quiet!) We're going for our second time March 11th and are counting down the days.

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