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    Are the atrium suites close to the road? I have been reading that it is noisy by the road.

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    The Atrium Rooms are not far from the road but the Garden Suites are the rooms on the perimeter of the property. We stayed in an Atrium and I could hear the road noise, horns honking in the morning, etc. The noise is a little less in the Atriums than the Garden rooms, but you can still hear it. I suppose it depends on how soundly you sleep. I need ear plugs to block out noise because I'm a light sleeper.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    No, atrium suites are centrally located. It is the Garden Suites that you hear complaints about road noise. The atrium suites are scattered throughout, more in the center. You will love the atrium rooms. They are very romantic, private and quiet. We never even noticed are 3 neighbors in our building when we stayed.

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