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    Default Couples Swept Away - Best Beachfront Verandah Suites

    We have made reservations in April for a suite. We have read that some of the suites may have trees partially obscuring the view and it looks like the ones on the "end" might have better views.

    Looking for ocean sunset views, but would prefer not to be in a busier walkway area (i.e - we have a little privacy).

    Would appreciate any specific room number recommendations.

    Kevin and Susan

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    We stayed in a Beach Verandah suite once and decided that we much preferred the suites right on the beach. We had the best view of the sunset and if you're on the second or third floor you still have privacy. Plus you can hear the ocean more. We couldn't hear it as much in the Beach Verandah suite.

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    The beachfront verandah suites all have trees partially blocking the views. I would definitely try to get on the third floor. This is more private. All of these rooms are fronting the busy walkway to and from Patois and the Great House area. But, its really not an issue. We always stay in the beach front suites or premier beach front suites which have much of the same views. Sorry, we don't have a room # of the rooms for the BFV's. After 11 trips to CSA we know each room has its own view. We sit on the beach at sunsets anyway. My wife likes the sounds of the ocean at night being right on the beach.

    Life is good

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    Welcome to Couples. The buildings are about the same. You want a room on the ground floor so you are beneath the vegetation. We were on the second floor, room 4218, and could barely see the ocean, obscured by vegetation. In my opinion the only nice thing about this room category is the proximity to the beach.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
    Jack and Kathy
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    All the beachfront veranda ar3 on the walkway. We've stayed in 2 , 2nd floor was totally obstructed ( not all are) and a first floor ( fabulous view). It's a crapshoot really. We won't spend the money anymore for that reason as beachfront without the view is pointless. We stayed in a awesome garden room last year that had more of an ocean view than that 2nd floor beachfront we had.

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