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    We're heading to CSA for the first time in April. Been to CN & CSS many times and looking forward to a new adventure at CSA. Question: Is there a store nearby that I can purchase Captain Morgan's rum? I know I'm in the land of Appleton's and I have tried all of their flavors but I really like Captain's the best. I would just like to have a bottle in the room for the drink or 2 we have before going out for the night.

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    I like captain a lot also, but I just switch to appelton if I want a drink the room, so I guess I cannot help. By the time I get back to the room before dinner, I usually want to just drink a ton of water anyway because I have been sitting in the sun drinking for the past 8 hrs.

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    Once you have tried Appleton Reserve you won't want Capt'n Morgan again.

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    As I said, I've tried all of the Appleton's in multiple trips to Jamaica. I'm not slamming Appleton's, it would be blasphemous. That would be like slamming Jamaica and I love Jamaica. I just prefer the very distinct flavor of Captain Morgans.

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    Default bring it!

    I hear your captain dilemma-- here's what i recommend... bring a bottle with you on your checked bag. I have brought bottles of wine to and from other countries before with no problems. I would try that. Then you can drink the other stuff after your couple of drinks with the Captain and you wont tell the difference. good luck

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    I've read on the board that there is a market across the street from CSA, perhaps you can find some Captain's there.
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    I think because it's imported, it would be hard to come by and expensive where you do find it. It's possible you can locate it there, but you'd be more likely to find it in bigger stores or in higher population areas like Montego Bay. Negril has smaller convenience store-type places, where I doubt you'd see it (but anything is possible).

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    Umm.... I'd have to double check, but I don't think the Captain is an import (from a Jamaican perspective, that is). In my opinion, inferior to Appleton Estate, but still a Jamaican rum (with lots of carmel coloring/flavoring in it).

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    it may be available at the HI-LO in Negril, if you dont want to go there just ask Elvis pon da beach. if it is around he will be able to get it for you for a nominal fee of course.


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